TAPIT Tactile Keyboard – A Next Gen Keyboard for your Smartphone

Traditional keyboards in your Android smartphone counting days to rest in peace. New technologies are being developed each and every day all across the globe. TAPIT Tactile keyboard is such a brand new invention where the roots elongating to early 2014 when the idea born in the heads of Rubi and Sharon Mazaki Tsaig. They are two entrepreneurs from Haifa, Israel.

TAPIT is a smart case which brings ease in your daily activities like Calling, Texting, and controlling Smart home appliances. A cover case consist of a Tactile keyboard brings the best possible way of controlling the things in and out of your smartphone in an efficient manner. No need to focus on your smartphone for finding the correct button to press. The physical keyboard is designed just like a normal remote controller with natural smooth buttons which are versatile as per the users needs.

Tapit Tactile Keyboard

This invention coming with an array of highly customizable buttons. You can practically configure the buttons to do any kind of jobs including, opening a website, opening flashlight, starting an app, making a call and sending an SMS. The company also offers an eye free operations on the buttons with the elegant engineering. In addition, Tapit also allows IoT controller apps to leverage the interface for further utility.

The Twelve programmable buttons can fulfill most needs of the normal users from making a call to even opening specific apps. It will be very friendly to those who only uses smartphones for almost same usage each day like calling or texting.

The case can be attached on both sides of the smartphones as a double protection which covers all parts of the smartphone including the sides. As per the developers, Tapit provides a 360-degree protection to the smartphones which can protect the smartphones from any external disturbances.

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As a starting to the big project, they are now concentrating on the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S7 devices which will be extended further in future. This simple and smart invention may be the next big thing in the technology world by making it effortlessly accessing the smartphone and smart home features of the modern era. We are waiting for the launch to grab one, and you can also give it a try.

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