How to Text or Message from your Mac using iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Even the domination of the touch screen had already happened, the 2 fingers can never beat the power of the 10 members in your hand. So, texting will be easier from your traditional Mac keyboard than the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screens. If you ever wanted to find an easy solution for sending texts from your Mac, here is the complete guide for you.

Alternatively, if you need a video demonstration of the process regardless of the iPhone or Android smartphones you are using, here is a simple video. Check it out.

Steps to Text from your Mac using iPhone

If you own a Mac and an iPhone or iPad, it is very much simpler to set it up than in an Android smartphone. We are going to use the iMessage feature which is inbuilt in Apple devices which might be there on your Mac and iOS device. So, follow the steps given below.

  1. Be ready with your Mac and iPhone (iOS devices.)
  2. On the Mac, open Messages.
  3. Now, Login with the iCloud account.
  4. In your iOS device, go to Settings > Messages.
  5. Now, make sure that the iMessage option is On.
  6. Then, tap on the Text Message Forwarding option to allow your Mac to send text messages instead of iMessages.
  7. Do the same on your Mac and turn it on.
  8. Now confirm the actions by putting the code you see on your Mac into the required field prompting for it on the iOS device. Then tap Allow.

Now, you are good to go with the messaging on your Mac without needing touch your iPhone further. Once you send a message from your Mac, it will be delivered by the iPhone to the recipient. You will also get notified once someone sent you a message to the iPhone. So, enjoy texting on your Mac.


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