Homtom HT17 MT6737 Processor Vs. Bluboo Maya MT6580 Processor and Specs Compared

MediaTek is a well-known smartphone processors producer in the world. Most of the Android smartphones in the market using MediaTek’s processors. They are very aggressively developing the processor functionality to beat their rivalry “Qualcomm” Snapdragon series processors.

In the middle of going high level, recently they released the mid-level namely, MT6737, a Quad-core processor. Homtom HT17 is the first smartphone to carry the brand new MT6737 Quad-core processor.

In order to test the efficiency of the MT6737 processor in Homtom HT17, it is compared with the MT 6580 processor in Bluboo Maya. You can also watch this comparison in Youtube.

Both are selling at comparable price around $70. MediaTek MT6580 is a year old processor.

In that video, it is evidently proved that Bluboo Maya is working faster than Homtom HT17. Also, there is a difference in RAM between the two phones. Bluboo Maya has 2GB of RAM while Homtom HT17 only has 1GB of RAM.

This proves that Bluboo Maya’s MT6580 processor with 2GB RAM is working better than Homtom HT17’s MT6737 processor with 1GB RAM.

Other than the Processor and RAM, in overall Bluboo Maya have better specs than the Homtom HT17.

The internal storage of Bluboo Maya is 16GB while the Homtom HT17 only got 8GB of ROM. Bluboo Maya has 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera while the Homtom HT17 only has 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. Both of them has 3000mAh battery. But, Maya miss the Fingerprint scanner, the same is present in Homtom Ht17.

Bluboo Maya have a very good display comparing to the Homtom HT17. Both of them has 5.0 inches screen with HD resolution. But the difference came with the additional features. Bluboo Maya has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, 94% color saturation and IP63 water splash proof.

If you like to buy Bluboo Maya, it is now in the presale period which currently selling at $69.99.

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