Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date, Price, Specs, and Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is the upcoming flagship from the Samsung warehouse which is to be called the Note 7 by skipping a level in the series. As per the reports, Samsung would be joining the ‘Note’ series with the ‘S’ series which is already reached the S7. There is nothing like skipping an entire generation, but just a name tweak for some reasons which is unknown yet.

The recent reports also stated that the device will only be released as a curved display variant following the successor, the S7 edge. To strengthen your estimations and expectations, today we have decided to write an article on Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date, price, specs and features. So, have a look.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date

As per the anonymous reports got to the TechRadar and Forbes reporters, the note 6 will be launched in this August. A tweet from the Evan Blass who is a mobile reporter in VentureBeat also states that the device will be launched in this august. His tweet is as follows.

He tweeted it on 3rd June which is almost exactly two months away from August. So that, this sounds like someone got an official confirmation from Samsung secretly. But to the public, still no official words are out from the Samsung or officials. We could expect the Note 6 in the first half of the August based on this information.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs

The expected specs of the Galaxy Note 6 include a slim 5.8 inches AMOLED display over the successors. Rumors saying that the device powerpack a 6GB RAM instead of the commonly seen 4GB one on high-class smartphones these days.  But, it is a little higher expectation as we can only confirm a 4GB RAM in Samsung devices. In the ROM section of the Note 6, there may be three variants as 64GB, 128GB and may be a 256GB variant too. But some rumors are still on their stand for the Note 6 will be equipped with the 32GB and 64GB variants.

An advanced version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 is also there on the expected specs sheet of the smartphone alongside an Adreno 530 GPU. The leaks also put forward a 25.0 MP camera and 4,200mAh battery which are far better than the previous models. For those who need a better clarification of the Galaxy Note 6 specs, here is a sample image of the leak.

Samsung Galaxy S6 expected Specs

Rumored specifications for the Note 6. / © Weibo

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Features

Looking to the Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, a long row of expectations waiting to be dispatched by the Samsung lovers. Some of them are given below for your knowledge. Check them out.

S Pen Stand

As per the reports from trusted sources, the devices is expected to come with an S Pen, which can be turned into a stand by pulling out halfway from the slot. On the halfway out, a lock will hold the device and the pen to stay balanced on the surface with a good amount of grip.

Laptop dock

It is very interesting to hear that recent news from the tech world states that the device can be turned into the virtual memory and processor of the specially made laptop alongside acting as a smooth touchpad. There are no confirmations are there. But, thanks to Samsung if it does come with this amazing feature. A diagram taken from the Patently Mobile is given below for your reference.

Galaxy Note 6 expected features

Samsung Laptop Dock © Patently Mobile

We’ll update the content once we got more information regarding the specs or features of the Note 7 (Referred to as Note 6)

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price

The pricing of the Samsung devices was never compromised. And in the Note 6 too, it may not be. The Note 5 was priced around $850 in the US. So, it is quite acceptable to expect a pricing in between $850 – $1000. The price of Note 6 in India may vary according to the renewed tax rates and other charges. No trusted speculations regarding the pricing of the Note 6 is yet out. So that, we can’t predict the actual amount. Once we get the details, we will put it here as soon as possible.

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