Apalon Flashlight Android App Review

Use of a flashlight is far beyond limitations. Everything you can do with those giant old torch lights is now possible with a handy smartphone flashlight. Searching for a candle in a power cut, Finding your old belongings under the bed, or even searching for a needle on the floor are all possible using the flashlight on your smartphones. The technology proved that the flashlight can not only help you take brighter images in the dark but can also be a replacement for a necessary product.

There are many flashlight apps available on the app store with different functions including, blinking lights, SOS functions, different color outputs, etc. Apalon Flashlight is such a simple tool from the Apalon apps developer team which is a life saver in urgent situations. The first and best thing to mention is the simplicity of the app without any complications or unnecessary navigations. It implements a straightforward way of fulfilling the needs of the users. So, we have the Apalon Flashlight android app review here to let you know more about the product. Let’s dig in deep.

Apalon Flashlight Interface

Interface of the Apalon Flashlight is very simple with a big power button placed on the second slice of the main screen. The slidable upper part represents nine different flashing frequencies for different signals. The built-in SOS system also placed alongside these frequencies for an easier access. Tapping the power button while the upper portion is on the ‘0’ brings the normal flashlight without blinking. All other numbers ranging from 1-9 and the SOS brings corresponding signals.

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The settings menu also followed the simplicity of the app with only two functions which can be tweaked. It can be accessed from the hamburger menu placed on the upper right corner of the screen. Three different color variants including a black one is also impressive.

Apalon Flashlight Features

The app contains no super-features other than the necessary ones to describe it a simple flashlight app. Built-in SOS system and 9 different flashing frequencies have their own importance inside. Let’s have a deeper look into the features.

9 different flashing frequencies

Apalon Flashlight App different Flashing Freqencies

Apalon Flashlight features 9 different flashing frequencies which all outputs different signals from the lovely flash of your smartphone (Or from the screen for those smartphones which doesn’t come with a flash.) To switch between the frequencies which are arranged as the number variants from 1-9, you just have to slide on the upper portion and tap on the button. Now, you will get brighter lights coming out of your flash in a specific interval applied for different frequencies. Have fun with it or utilize it in the necessary situations.

Built-in SOS flashlight signal system

Apalon Flashlight App Main Interface SOS

The Built-in SOS flashlight signal system is the most important or vital feature of this flashlight app. Recently in a review of the Sasha morse flashlight app, we have described the SOS signal system. For those who don’t know much about it can visit the article and come back. The SOS signal can be sent by sliding to the SOS portion and tapping the button. The flashlight will instantly send the signals which may become your lifesaver sometimes.

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Works Even Without Flash

Its a flashlight app right? Then in case your smartphone doesn’t have a flash (For some older smartphones, there are no built-in flash), is this app still relevant? Yes, it is. Apalon Flashlight android app can still help you by utilizing the brightness adjustment of your screen. Instead of controlling the flash of your smartphone, the app will do the job using the display by adjusting the brightness in the proper manner. No signal difference or other problems will be there when compared to the flashlight except a small difference in the brightness. Still, it is a quite impressive feature of this app.

3 color screen modes

3 Different color schemes are there on the app alongside a simple black interface which is the default. For the SOS signal a Rose color, for the normal light (Placed on the ‘0’) Blue, and for the remaining 9 frequencies the Yellow color. These variations bring a nice look and feel on the app as well as providing a good user experience. Even if there are no practical uses of these color variations, it is still a plus point.

Minimalistic Design and Functions

Apalon Flashlight App Main Interface

As you already know by means of a flashlight app, there is no need of those kindergarten functions like 100’s of skins or a piano on the side. Simplicity implemented in an efficient way can always beat the professionalism stuffed without any need. Apalon Flashlight is a super-cool tool in terms of the simplicity and engineering of the functions. Most probably, it is the most attractive feature of this tool.


  • Built-in SOS System
  • Very simple app
  • Good design
  • No complications in operations
  • Bright Light
  • Works even without flash
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  • No special functions than SOS

What users saying about the app?


Apalon Flashlight app is nothing less than an efficient flashlight app with the important functions including the SOS signal system. It can also work even without a flash on the smartphones by utilizing the display to operate. No professional or advanced functions are there on the app other than the necessary ones to fulfill the most basic needs of the users. The brightness output is also impressive alongside the 9 different frequencies. So, it sounds like a good app for those who just need a good flashlight app without any complicated functions and for those who need an easy to use flashlight tool. If you wish, you could give it a try from the following link

Price: Free
Apalon Flashlight Android App Review
8.9 Overall
User Interface9
Value For Money9.5

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