Pyrus Comes Up With an Innovative Communication Tool for the Busy Executive

The latest app from Pyrus is designed to help busy executives handle communication overload issues with ease. It is a team communication tool that lives up to the company’s philosophy of “helping move work forward.” The tool is expected to revamp workplace productivity by combining group messaging with task management to provide a more closely coordinated workflow. The app provides users with an efficient inbox-based UI that can be used to communicate with other team members, and track the progress of each task all from a single platform. Anyone who has sent an email before can easily use it because of its easy to use interface.

The team communication tool comes with a host of features including real-time messaging, task assignment, workflow management, smart inbox lists, ability to tag members of a given task team, full-text search function for tasks and relevant attachments, easy collaboration with external teams who may not even be on Pyrus, and integration with different cloud storage options such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

What is Pyrus?

The app provides structured communication which combines group chatting with task tracking in an intuitive easy to understand interface. Users only need to open a task in Pyrus to get to work with the rest of the team without the need of sending numerous emails back and forth. You can share files and even add new members to the team from a single platform. Conversations are as easy to manage as using emails, with the convenience of doing them from one place.

The app provides convenient task delegation and tracking. Each task in the Pyrus platform is assigned to a user who is responsible for it. This helps keep team members on the same page. Tracking is enhanced by assigning due dates to all tasks, and close monitoring so that no task is ever lost over time. Each user is always informed of what to do next.

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Pyrus provides better organization of your inbox. There are plenty of things the smart inbox can do such as; show items that require urgent attention first, hide low priority tasks, snooze a task, and set a friendly reminder for later action, archive completed tasks, and so much more. You can even get a notification straight from your smart inbox to your smart watch or phone when your action is urgently needed.

The app provides secure and reliable communication. All the tasks are handled via private communication channels. Access to your threads is made only with your invitation. You can also manage access levels within the group or the organization more efficiently with Pyrus. However, its security levels are not too limiting to hinder your collaboration with other business partners. You can link with others in a secure environment without necessarily disclosing sensitive data.

Pyrus gives you full-text search abilities to find your messages instantly, access tasks with just a link and pull out data about a specific decision you made in the past. You can even split large tasks into small subtasks, each with its assignee, files, and due date.

Pyrus can be accessed anywhere. It works on all modern communication devices including laptops, smartphones, and smart watches. Everything is in sync, which means you can access it offline too.

One of the greatest benefits of Pyrus is the fact that it is available for free for an unlimited number of users. This allows you to test all of its features before you upgrade to a paid plan.

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Pyrus can be integrated with your existing enterprise software. It helps managers to make better decisions in the shortest time possible. Visit here for more information.


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