10 YouTube Search Tips Every YouTube User should Know

Youtube is undoubtedly one of the best or probably the best video streaming, sharing and watching platform on the internet. Millions or even billions of videos are there on the huge promising database of the video giant which contains the information regarding the “Big Bang” to the manufacturing of a “Tiny needle.” As we are all the users of this service by Google, we all love to have our Youtube searches as much as effective by getting exactly what we have searched for.

So in this article, I am gonna give you some of the Youtube Search Tips, which will make your searches filtered with the exact intention. Here you go.

YouTube Search Tips Every User Should Know

1. To Find a Specific YouTube Channel

Sometimes, you may want to search for a specific channel other than a video. In this kind of situations, typing the channel name followed by a comma and “channel” text will bring the right results. For example, if you needed to search for the T-Series, you should type it as follows.

T-Series, channel

2. Finding HD Videos on YouTube

If you are not getting enough quality videos for the high-speed internet connection you have, you must stream HD, 2K, or 4K videos from Youtube by following this syntax.

In case you needed cartoons in HD quality, the syntax will be as follows

animations, HD

If you need the same in 2K quality

animations, 2K

And in 4K

animations, 4K

The Youtube search results will be filtered according to the quality as you specified and you will get your favorite HD files without searching the whole Youtube.

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3. Finding 3D Videos on YouTube

Same like the quality filter, the 3D videos can also be acquired with the same method by typing a comma and “3d” text after the search query. For example, if you need the 3d videos of snakes, you could type.

snake, 3d

Now, you will get the videos of snakes in 3D.

4. Finding Short and Lengthy Videos

If you don’t have enough time to waste by watching long videos on Youtube or If you needed lengthy videos to waste some of your boring time, Youtube can help you with two different functions which let you filter short or long videos. If you needed short videos, you could type something like

cartoon, short

If you need lengthy videos, type

cartoon, long

5. Finding a Movie on YouTube

If you needed to find a specific full-length movie over a short video clip or cut down ones, Typing the movie name followed by a comma and “movie” text can help you. For example, if you needed to search for a movie named Romeo and Juliet, use the following command.

Romeo and Juliet, movie

6. Finding a Playlist on YouTube

To find a playlist on the Youtube, just put the “playlist” after the search query separated by a comma. For example, if you need the playlist of Justine Bieber, you could simply type

justine bieber, playlist

7. Get Exact Match for the Searches

If you don’t like those related finding by the Youtube or Google bot in your video search, you can go for an exact match search on Youtube by putting the query inside double quotes. For example, if you need to get the exact match results for ‘dog caring’, you should search

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"dog caring"

8. Forcing a Keyword to be Included in the Search

If you needed a keyword to be included in the search results addition to the basic keyword, you could put a “+” sign in between them. For example, if you need the funny videos of 2016, you could search something like

funny videos +2016

Now, Youtube will only bring the results which contain 2016 in it.

9. Forcing a Keyword to be Excluded in the Search

If you need to exclude a query from search results, all you have to put a “-” sign in between them as follows

funny videos -2016

Now, Youtube will pull back the results which contain 2016 in it.

10. Mixing Up Various Queries

If you ever needed to mix your search queries together by getting the results for any of the inputted queries, Youtube has a search solution. You could put a comma between each query to get the video results related to the query mixed up. For example, if you love to include animation videos, funny videos, and football videos, you can search like

animation videos, funny videos, football videos

Now, Youtube will bring all the results related to those three search terms.

So, these are the Youtube search tips every Youtube user should know to make their searches simple and effective. These are basically some built-in filter functionality of Youtube to make it simpler to filter out unwanted search results. Apart from a slider or a checkbox, developers included it in a wiser way for providing ease as well as simplicity in users searches.

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