Case4fun Universal IPX8 Waterproof Bag: A New way to Protect your Devices

If you are an adventure lover and frequently keep diving to the deeper world inside the sea, you might take a camera with you for capturing those amazing moments in your life. But, it’s very rare to find a reliable waterproof camera, and it is costly as well. Why go for an extra expense when you have a nice iPhone or a Samsung device on your table? Worried about having damages to the device due to the deeper sea? Here is the Case4fun Universal IPX8 Waterproof bag to help you out.

The IPX8 certification of the bag ensures your devices stay dry at least at 20 meters deep. No worries of the pressure inside the deep sea as the product is specially crafted for the divers. It can also resist Snow and Dust which is favorable for other adventure lovers like Mountain climbers and Bikers. The ultra-heavy duty, durable, and eco-friendly PVC material is used in the manufacturing can deliver superior quality in and out of the product without adding any extra bulk to it.

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Case4fun Universal IPX8 Waterproof Bag Take Underwater Photos

Design also looks perfect with the transparent cover which will never hurt the viewing to the smartphone screen. On both sides, the lightweight material will output the complete beauty of your smartphone by being a transparent protector. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry with the good design.

One thing to note is that the Case4fun recommends turning on the camera and setting up to use the buttons for taking images under water. As you may face difficulties operating the smartphones under water, it is always good to have the camera turned on before diving deep. The Touch ID will also won’t work as there is no direct contact with the smartphone. These are ignorable for such a nice set of features in this product.

Case4fun Universal IPX8 Waterproof Bag Take Photo


  • All popular smartphone compatibility
  • Waterproof IPX8 Certified upto 20 meters
  • Ultra-Transparent design
  • Made of High-quality PVC material

The product will suit on these Smartphones

How to Use it?

If you bought the product, no more search for the internet on how to use it. Here is a demonstration which shows the easy application of the cover on your smartphone. Two locks are there on two sides. You have to release the joint side by unlocking the locks and put your smartphone inside then again lock it. Now, your device is completely protected.

Case4fun Universal IPX8 Waterproof Bag- How to use


The Case4fun Universal IPX8 Waterproof Bag is very helpful for those who need a little more fun in the adventure by capturing the valuable moments with friends. The design of the product is in such a way that to note feel like an extra covering to the smartphone and it is designed very elegantly. It is also suitable for the mountain travellers as it is also snow proof. Bikers can also give a try with the dust-proofing technology. It is every way better than a simple case for protecting your costly devices. If you wish to give a try, you could do that from the link below.

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Case4fun Universal IPX8 Waterproof Bag: A New way to Protect your Devices
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