SQLBak- Why You Should Ditch Your Current SQL Backup Tool

SQLBak is what I’m going to be talking about in this guide. And nope I’m not asking you to buy this product, don’t! Just hear me out, if it’s not pure magic when it comes to SQL Backup, don’t even check it’s homepage out.

Let me get this straight to you unless you’re a hardcore web developer, you’re already using some SQL Backup tool on your website.

Because well, SQL is the backbone of your website, it’s what connects all the data strings together, and you do need it’s backup. So what I’ll do in this short, precise article for you is, I’ll just give you reasons why SQLBak is a potential contender to your tools. (In fact, why it’s better, here I said it, bold, cause I’m confident!)

SQLBak – Why You Should Ditch Your Current SQL Backup Tool?

Yeah, I know you’re already with an SQL Backup tool. But is it good enough? Can it get you what SQLBak can? Let me be honest, I tried SQLBak only last week, and I fell in love with it.

So why shouldn’t I spread the word, right? Here’s what SQLBak does (what others can’t!).

Monitoring SQL

  • Never Failing to Report: –Other tools, almost all others would fail to report to you if the server crashes. Because they are hosted on the SQL server, and hence it’s like, they’re trapped in the room. But not SqlBak. SQLBak sends you to report even when the server crashes, and that’s the most important time to be notified about it, right?
  • Monitoring: –Other tools just offer you “SQL Backups”. SQLBak offers you not just backup, but the monitoring too. Meaning it constantly monitors server health and keeps you updated about it.
  • Schedule Backups: –Guess what, all you need to do is, tell SQLBak that you need a backup! It’ll manage everything else itself! In short, it will automatically take backup at the scheduled time by itself.
  • Auto Uploads: –It automatically uploads the backups it takes on your preferred locations! Which could be Google Drive / Amazon S3 or anything else?
  • Restoration: –Just backups? Nope! It doesn’t leave you hanging out there just with the backups! It let’s you restore the backups, when and if needs arise too! In the simplest and easiest possible manners.
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Is it “Better”?

  • No Login Needed: You don’t need to login to the server to manage the server. SQLBak is uploaded on the Web itself, hence no login from your side.
  • Single Dashboard: This just makes the job easier! Other tools need you to login to each server you manage separately. Well, guess what, it’s not the case with SQLBak. You can manage the all your SQL servers from one single dashboard.
  • Monitoring and Alert: As I’ve already mentioned, not all the other tools offer you a monitoring + notifications system along with their “backup” solutions. They’re mostly just “backup” solutions, well not SQLBak.
  • Unlimited Servers: When you buy SqlBak once, you’re not limited or restricted in any way. You can install and automate the whole backup thing on as many servers as you wish.

Apart from that, it also offers you an extremely easy installation! You only have to install a tiny little program on your SQL server, and your stress level goes down to zero.

Here’s what happens

You install SQLBak on your server > You schedule the date/time for the backup > It takes the Backup > Uploads the backup to a preferred drive.

So? Almost everything that you had to do manually is done, automatically without you even needing to log in, right?

Additionally, as I said, you can manage all your SQL servers from one dashboard itself! No hustle there, no forgetting complicated passwords or things like that.

Final Words

I won’t stretch the thread, in simple words, if you want your SQL server backed up, if you want it all done automatically, if you have more than once servers to manage, if you don’t have the time to login to every damn server manually every time, and if you’re serious about not loosing your SQL server, go for SQLBak.

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So bottom line? Yes, SQLBak is the complete SQL Backup solution for your SQL servers. Now if you do want a hassle-free SQL server management, this is the thing to go by.

Of course doesn’t take my words for it; I’d say do check out their free 100% functional live control panel demo! They speak for themselves.

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