Comparing Features Of DSLRs And Mirrorless Cameras

If you have been in the profession of photography, you are familiar with the contentious discussion about the differences between digital and film, whether imagined or real. Which model has the better resolution? Which exhibits a dynamic range of good quality? How much good in quality and display?  Arguments over the benefits of digital photography as compared to photography film have died down because the technology has shown great advancements.  Presently, there is a great deal of buzz in the community of photography regarding some common terms that might seem a strange or little odd such as micro four-thirds or mirrorless. These refer to different models of cameras that are not as popular as DSLR model is now, but many people think are the photography future.  Do you prefer to get a digital single lens camera or goes for the mirrorless camera? Whatever choice you may have, get the one based on your requirements and expert recommendation.  Let’s have a precise look over the DSLR vs.mirrorless cameras comparison at Camcorder Chris in details.


There are different kinds of mirrorless camera models in the market; some include interchangeable lenses, better image sensor display, single built-in lens and other features that are according to nice markets.  However, one thing they have in common is the flip-up mirror absence.

Presently, the marketplace of digital cameras is the mine field for new buyers making it tough to select which setup they must invest in. When you talk about mirrorless or DSLR, it is better to consider the main difference first. Photographers shoot with a mirrorless or DSLR camera; they appreciate the benefits of both. Here, I would like to assemble a list of all pros and cons of DSLR and mirrorless cameras to consider for you.

DSLR – Pros

  •    Better quality
  •    Longer battery time and life
  •    Mirror mechanism protects sensor so you can clean frequently
  •    Free choice for native lenses selection

DSLR – Cons

  • Heavy to carry
  • Big in size
  • For ultra-sharpness, there is need to lock mirror
  • Big gear display intimidating look for street and travel shooting
  • Mirror mechanism makes their sound louder

Mirrorless – Pros

  •    Small in size
  •    Not having mirror mechanism
  •    Quiet and portable
  •    Light in weight
  •    Small gear makes look less intimidating for shooting

Mirrorless – Cons

  •     Short battery life
  •     Robust build quality
  •     Proper cleaning is required for sensor
  •     Choices of less native lens so additional money is required to buy adaptors
  •    Mobile phones and tablets have mirrorless cameras

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