Dr.Fone – Android Full Suite: Your Complete Mobile Pit Stop

Wondershare Dr.Fone is a complete android power suite where many useful functions like Android data recovery, Data extraction (from damaged devices), Lock screen removal, Screen Recorder and Phone transfer packed inside. As many other Wondershare products, the Dr.Fone also true the name by being a true doctor of your Android smartphones with a bunch of professional tools. Actually, it is a combination of those five tools which mentioned above. All will give a hand to your smartphone in almost any issues which are common these days.

As per the company, the software suite comprises of the world’s first Android smartphone and tablet recovery software. The reviews also state that it is one of the best recovery tools available on the market. The data extraction tool is the key to retrieve broken or damaged devices. The android screen lock removal tool can help you get rid of lock screens within a few clicks while the MobileTrans feature can provide seamless transfer between the devices. In addition, a Screen Recorder namely MirrorGo is packed inside for recording and controlling the smartphone screen right from your PC.

All in all, it is a power suite with seamless functions and features put together in a single software. The nice and clean interface is also adorable. Today, we got this software to review in TTH. So, we will run a complete test on the software thoroughly in this article. So have a look to this Dr.Fone – Android Full Suite Review.

Dr.Fone – Android Full Suite Interface

The interface of the software is a combination of Sky Blue, White and Grey colors which looks good to see as well as outputting a good visual experience. The main functions are stacked on the left pane with the blue background which can be switched by clicking on them. Throughout the software, wondershare was able to bring a simplicity which never makes the user to think, what next?

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The hamburger menu on the top right corner let you customize the functions and features in a simple manner. Users will be pleased with the step by step instructions and wizards provided by the software for completing various tasks. So, the interface is a good one, and we found it very simple and efficient in guiding the users.

Dr.Fone – Android Full Suite Features

Dr.Fone consists of many features which come under the main five features listed above. Listing all of them is not possible right now. So, we’ve provided the list of the most important and noticeable features of the Dr.Fone Android Full Suite.

Android Data Recovery

Wondershare Dr fone Android Data Recovery

Android data recovery is one of the most searched terms in the Google search bar. Which means, thousands of users each day losing their files due to device damage or due to accidental deletion. Once the file lost from your smartphone completely, it can only be recovered using a data recovery tool which is plenty on the market. But, the Dr.fone Android data recovery is something different from these usual softwares.

With the highest recovery rate in the industry, users could recover most of their photos, videos, contacts, messaging, call logs, etc. with a few steps. The recovery speed is also pleasing when compared to the competitors. It supports over 6000+ Android devices which might include almost any of your owned smartphones.

Android Data Extraction

Wondershare Dr fone Android Data Extraction

Android data extraction feature of the software is very much similar to the data recovery, but is specially crafted for the broken or damaged devices. If you can’t enter your smartphone interface or if it shows a black screen, this is the right way to get back your files including photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, etc. The wizard mode of the software will guide you through the complete process where the company now offers the compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy devices.

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Android Lock Screen Removal

Wondershare Dr fone Remove Screen lock

If you forgot your lock screen or someone changed it without your knowledge, you would be probably screwed up. Before going to a professional for fixing the device, give a try to the Lock screen removal tool in the Dr.fone. Users could unlock all four types of locks including pattern, PIN, password, and fingerprints. It removes the lock screen without affecting any of the files inside the smartphone and has a great success rate. No technical knowledge is required to follow the wizard.

MobileTrans Phone Transfer

Wondershare Dr fone MobileTrans

MobileTrans let you transfer your devices with a 1-click process (This feature should be bought in addition and not included in this bundle). Users could transfer any of the devices running on almost any popular platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, etc. You could transfer almost any type of files existing on your current smartphone. If it is compatible on the target device, you will be getting the complete clone of the source device.

MirrorGo Android Recorder

Wondershare Dr fone MirrorGo

As in their MobileGo software, the MirrorGo can be also bought additionally from the Wondershare store. MirrorGo let you record your android screen by fetching it to the desktop in a visually appealing structure. This way you can enjoy your smartphone games in a wider display without losing the quality of the visuals. You could control the device from the mirrored window and can do all the operations including, calling, texting, replying to messages and even transferring the files between your smartphone and PC.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless Data recovery
  • Can also recover damaged devices
  • Very Speedy Process
  • One-click Procedures
  • Android Data Extraction
  • Lock Screen Removal
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  • Uses a little bit high system resources because of the heavy functions

What users saying about the software?

Wondershare Dr fone User Opinions-1 Wondershare Dr fone User Opinions-2


Dr.Fone – Android Full Suite is a complete mobile pit stop as the company their self states. The features are promising to be included in such a nice software for a price of $119.95. The normal pricing of the bundle is $189.80 which will be reverted after the bundle offer end date by the company. So, the software is also affordable when comparing the price with the specs. If you need a complete solution for running your Android smartphones without any problems or want to recover the problems there, the Dr.Fone – Android Full Suite will be a right choice. Before buying it, you can have a test drive by downloading it from the following link.

Download Dr.Fone – Android Full Suite

Dr.Fone - Android Full Suite
8.8 Overall
Value for money8.5

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