aLLreLi 1M Micro USB Cable w/ Nylon Braided [Pack of 2] Review

aLLreLi 1M Micro USB Cable is a good product to connect your smartphone to the charging ports or to the computers. Apart from the normal cheap USB cables, the Nylon protection on the body is a quality factor on this aLLreLi product. At one end there is a male connector opposing a Micro-B connector on the other. The braided design provides extra strength on the chord as well as providing good grip. The flexibility is also noticeable, and it’s not very heavy or space consuming.

The product is designed to fit almost all devices including Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi HTC, Nokia, etc. Users could use this aLLreLi product as a Micro USB charger for any device that has a Micro-B port. The charging time is good and is enough to charge your devices speedy as the modern day USB chargers. You could simply connect the cable with the Computer or a power bank to start charging your smartphones as soon as possible. High-quality materials used inside can deliver superfast charging regardless of the device.

aLLreLi 1M Micro USB Cable

Another good feature we noticed is the product has a little longer 2.0 tip that will not demand the case removal. We have seen many USB connectors with a shorter tip which can’t put inside without removing the cases of the smartphones. But, this aLLreLi product is our favorite for this reason. The Mico USB can be put inside the port fitting it completely without any movements.

It is 2 meters in length (1 meter each) without limiting you on the charging table. Users could charge the device as well as using it at the same time (Beware while using the devices while charging) because of the 1-meter length which is enough to reach your bed from the wall socket. As the port completely fits the smartphone, small movements will not interrupt the charging.

aLLreLi 1M Micro USB Cable image

From our tests, the aLLreLi 1M Micro USB Cable performed very well both in transferring the files between our PC and the smartphone and charging it. It takes much less time to completely charge the smartphones than a standard USB cable which can be bought from the market. It doesn’t getting heated up even after two complete device charging from our laptop. Charging from the wall socket reduces the charging time considerably even we was able to charge both the devices at half of the time.

As some other aLLreLi products, on this device too they are giving a Lifetime Warranty, which shows their confidence in the reliability of their product. Once bought, you don’t have to worry about the warranty expiration unless the product got damaged which is not included in the warranty coverage. This is a nice feature of the product which can give you confidence ins spending some hard earned money in this.

The company claims that the product will not tear and wear as the time passes in normal usage conditions. They also said it won’t kink or become tangled. We have no confirmations on this as we only used it for a number of days. But the quality of the product is enough to state they true the words. It is available in different colors all are in a two-color chevron striped design.

It is priced $16.99 from the aLLreLi store and £6.99 in Amazon UK. It is not that much cheaper and not much costly too. If the company true their words, it might be a good deal for this price range. If you wish to avail the product, you can do that from the following links.

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