ProxyRack Free VPN Review: 100% Free, Fast, Secure VPN Network

VPN services are essential these days as those favorite websites build barriers in certain locations, and the security of your connection is still a question mark. There are numerous free VPN services which will help you to get rid of these problems and to let you enjoy seamless services without any country restrictions. In addition, they add an extra layer of security by tunneling the connection over the secure VPN servers.

ProxyRack is such a free VPN service which let you access the blocked resources with an extra security layer. The service will mask your IP address and tunnel it through the ProxyRack servers which are highly encrypted and placed in various locations all over the world. As it frequently tweaks the IP address, you will have a completely secure browsing experience without exposing to threats.

Today, we’ve got this free VPN service to review here. We will be listing all the important features of the proxy rack service to let you know more about it. So, have a look. For those who still don’t know what is the use of a VPN service and its uses, can refer to this VPN article.

ProxyRack Free VPN Features

ProxyRack free VPN service has many features as any other VPN services available online. Having a look at them will help you explore the service deeply.

Non-Compromised Security and Privacy

We know many free VPN services which limit the security and privacy in the free version offering something more in the premium version. But, ProxyRack showed the difference by allowing users enjoy the full benefit of the service in the free version itself. It secures, encrypts and masks your internet connection to protect you from the hackers and online threats even without a premium account with the service. However, it may ask you for a payment if you need a large scale features like 25000+ IPs and 50+ connections which are unneeded for the normal users.

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OpenVPN protocol

The ProxyRack utilizes the OpenVPN protocol to provide maximum security and privacy to the users over their connections. It is considered as one of the most secure and fast protocol connections available. The 256-bit encrypted connection can deliver superior protection regardless of the fluctuating unsecured working environment.

Bypass censorship and geo-location restrictions

Using the ProxyRack Free VPN service, you could unblock any blocked resources which are geo-location restricted or censored. The service creates an extra wall over the normal connection where the servers are chosen according to the residing country to bypass the restrictions. So that, it is virtually a simple method of passing the connection through a server located in other countries, and there is no super-science. This feature is very favorable for the users like residing in Youtube Restricted countries and Netflix restricted countries.

Numerous VPN Server Locations

ProxyRack Free VPN Servers

The Proxy Rack free VPN has servers placed all over the world to versatile the use of the VPN service. No matter in which part of the globe you are living. The servers located in major cities including, Miami, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Milan, Toronto, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, SG, Tokyo, Bangalore, Manila will fit all your needs without any restrictions. As per the company, they are creating new server locations each week.

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Unblock Netflix

As I mentioned before, the service can unblock the Netflix access which is restricted in certain countries. It uses the same technology as it uses to unblock the restrictions of other services. As it creates extra IPs for the access, you will be completely anonymous on the private connection you are making. The US-based Netflix service can be accessed by connection to one of their Netflix servers which is verified working as of the company still in June 2016.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switches

Users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and can switch servers unlimited times. It is very exciting to enjoy such a nice feature even on the free VPN service. The OpenVPN protocol of the service can be enjoyed unlimitedly for any needs on the free version too.


The ProxyRack free VPN allows you to enjoy up to 5 accounts for the price of one. The price is only applicable for the paid version of the service. Free version users can also enjoy the Multi-login feature but with some limitations which are explainable for the good service.

Easy to use

The ease in usability is yet another good feature of the service as there in no complications in the setup or usage. No matter how experienced you are with such VPN services. The service will guide you through the complete steps to set up, run and access the VPN features for any purpose. If you even don’t have the very basic knowledge about the VPN service, I recommend reading the Wikipedia article from the link given above.

Good Support

The support provided by the company is also appreciable. They are very caring of the users as we have tested multiple times. We got what we needed without any irritations or too much waiting time as other companies. So, the support of the ProxyRack free VPN service is remarkable.

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Quick Features

Proxy Rack Free VPN Features


  • Secure and Fast
  • Unlimited Server LocatSwitchesches
  • Unlimited Bandwidth usage
  • Completely Free
  • Netflix Unblock
  • Good Customer Support


  • No mobile platform versions


ProxyRack is a good service to consider in case you need a free VPN with almost all features as a premium service. The connection to the service is highly encrypted using the most modern methods, and it creates a secure wall between you and the hackers. You will be provided unique IP addresses as per the needs which is the key to staying anonymous online. Unlimited Bandwidth usage and server switches alongside the good customer support is also noticeable.

All in all, you should give it a try as it costs nothing and you can anytime stop using it if you are not satisfied with the service. In our case, it delivered good performance and internet speed at the maximum. If you wish, you can give it a try from the following link.

Visit ProxyRack Free VPN service

ProxyRack Free VPN Review: 100% Free, Fast, Secure VPN Network
8.6 Overall
Internet Speed8.5
Value for money9.5

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