Bluboo Maya Premium Smartphone with Sony IMX298 Camera and Helio P10 CPU

Bluboo Maya released just a few weeks ago. It received a very well reception in its presale than expectation. Bluboo Maya Max, a successor for Maya, announced immediately followed. Now Bluboo revealed that there is one more Smartphone coming in this series.

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It is Bluboo Maya Premium. The third model in Maya series. As the name suggests, the reports coming about Bluboo Maya Premium is also confirming it will have good performing specification.

Maya Hardware Details

Here we are telling everything we know about the Maya Premium. It will have Helio P10 Octa-core Processor chipset and 4200mAh Battery. It will have a Sony IMX298 Camera. Bluboo told this is an attempt from them to give a high-quality camera in their mid-level smartphones at less price.

Bluboo Maya Premium is going to have a metal body. It is reported that the metal will be Aerospace class Aluminum in a unibody design. The remaining specs are not net yet known.

There is another note given by Bluboo about the Camera and the CPU of Maya Premium. It says the Sony IMX298 Camera never used in an Helio P10 Octa-core Processor. So, Maya Premium is the first smartphone to have such combination. Sony Camera lenses are well known for quality. It would be great to see the best MediaTek mid-level CPU Processor and best Sony mid-level Camera coming together.

The nearest comparison for this CPU – Camera combination is ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini. That smartphone has Snapdragon 617 Processor and Sony IMX298 Camera.

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Based on all the specs we have known now, it is confirmed the Maya Premium will be Mid-level Smartphone. It is expected this smartphone will be released in one or two months. Bluboo Maya released only two weeks back. We will notify about the remaining specs and release date in the upcoming weeks.



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    Kashan Ali Jul 7, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    I have got one at pre-sale price $69.99, they announced that it will be shipped on July 10th, really good news.

  2. Reply
    Kangli Jul 7, 2016 at 7:43 am

    I am still waiting for the arrival of my Bluboo Maya, hope it will come soon.

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