What is Web Hosting?

If you are new to the internet world or planning to create a website, you might came across a question What is Web HostingYou already know those websites like Google.com, Yahoo.com, Facebook.com are all created for a purpose and with great intensions. Then, how do they created it? where it exist? how it is delivered to you through your internet connection? A lot of questions may be in your mind. In this article, we are going to solve most of your doubts related to the web hosting. Have a look.

What is Web Hosting?

Simply, web hosting is a space where the websites are stored. For example, you are seeing this website (Thetechhacker.com) which is stored in a web server maintained by Bluehost (Currently). All the information you are seeing on this website including the images and texts are stored on the server which is placed in a data centre somewhere in US.

To say an example of the Web server, think of a house where your dresses, furnitures, electronics, decorations are stored. These all are necessary in a building to call it a “House” which has all the features that can fullfill our basic needs. Like that, in a web server all our website’s information including HTML, CSS, Scripts, Documents, Images, Videos, etc. are stored which can be accessed as per the users needs.

Normally, the people can’t afford web servers which is running 24×7 with very high resources and with a extremely fast internet connection which can manage hundrads or thosands of real-time visitors. So, the term “Web Hosting” is often referred to those companies who store our data in highly reliable computers with extremely fast internet connection. They will have multiple backups of our files which ensures our data is safe even on some server crash.

When you need a Web Hosting?

Now, you know what is a web server and what is web hosting. So, when you need your own one? Is it necessary? The answer is. Once you decided to create your own websites, you need a web hosting. There are plenty of free services like Blogspot, WordPress, Wix, etc. are available which offer free hosting. But, if you decided to be serious on your intensions of a website, we recommend going for a paid service like Bluehost, Hostgator, Sitegroud, etc.

Can you create a Web Hosting your own?

The answer is just a half Yes. Because, you can surely create your own servers as the big web hosting companies do by following some simple steps (We do not recommend this if you are a very beginner). But, you may can’t afford the cost for it. You need a extremely fast internet connection and a comparatively constly resources to make your website fast and up all the day long. It consume a considerable amount of electricity too as your servers should run 24×7 without any interruption. So, if you are serious on your website, it is not proactical to go for a self-hosting on your own.

Now, you got a basic idea on what is webhosting. If you need further details, please feel free to leave a comment. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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