aLLreLi Dual Port 4.8A/24W USB Car Charger and Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mounts Holder Review

aLLreLi Dual Port 4.8A/24W USB Car Charger and Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mounts Holder is a brand new product from aLLereLi, targeting frequent travelers who keep two devices in their journeys. As we all know, charging smartphone during our journeys is not that simple, and it might be an irritation when the devices run out of charge. To solve this problem, aLLereLi introduced this product which is actually a combination of two different devices, a Cell phone mounts holder and a Car charger.

The car charger can be easy attached to the cigarette lighter, and the device will turn to a car charger where we can connect two devices at a time. The USB cables, which is another production of aLLreLi will help you do this. The 4.8A charger can charge two different devices at a time without a small variation in the output voltage. From our tests, the charger was able to charge our Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone SE as fast as a wall mount charging. As per the company, the product  also suits many devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC and other Android phones, MP3 players, GoPro and digital cameras, GPS devices, eReaders, handheld video games, etc.allreli-USB-Car-Charger-and-holder

The LED indicator on the charger let you know if the device is working or not by showing the electricity. The devices could be easily attached to the magnetic cell phone mounts holder on any flat surface inside your car. Then, using the USB connectors, you could easily charge your smartphones without any irritations or stopping your car to find a wall port. If you have multiple devices, you could also buy an additional mounts holder separately.

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The charger is smart enough to sense which device is currently plugged into the port and can adjust the charging rate according to the safe levels. Once the smartphone or connected device is completely charged, it will automatically cut down the charging to avoid any overcharging problems. The real-time monitoring feature of the charger will let you know when the voltage is less than 12v on the car, or it is between 18v-24v on the track, by flashing the lED lights. Then you should check your car battery if it is low or any other problems are there.



No need to explain the Cell phone mounts holder as we already wrote a review of it recently. You could check that from the above-given link on the third para. Simply, it is a good option for those who need a powerful cell phone mount inside the car which will let them use or charge their smartphones without any risk of accidental drops. The device will allow rotating the smartphones 360-degrees at any angle as per the users needs. The strong magnet is also noticeable in this good product. As we said in its review, we really impressed on the product.


  • Good Design
  • Smooth to handle
  • Fast charging
  • Strong magnet on the holder
  • Good Combination of products
  • Can charge two devices at a time
  • LED indicator


  • No two holders in case users have to charge multiple devices


aLLreLi Dual Port 4.8A/24W USB Car Charger and Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mounts Holder is a great combination of two useful products. The devices performed good in out tests, and no manufacturing defect are there. It is priced $49.99 which is also an average pricing. So, if you would like to buy the product, you can do that from the following link.

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