How To Fix Over Heating Issue of Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi a very popular brand when it comes to smartphones. Apart from smartphones, the Xiaomi is also making drones, power banks, accessories and much more. The Xiaomi is called as Apple of China; it is because their craftsmanship is much similar to the Apple brand. The company is very popular for their Redmi range of devices. Redmi devices are the best example for idle smartphones at an affordable price. Now coming to the point, some users are facing overheating issues while using the devices.

To resolve the heating issues of Xiaomi devices, please follow below steps.

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How To Fix Over Heating Issue of Xiaomi Devices

1.Using App

By using some device cooler apps, you can reduce the heating of Xiaomi device. Install the CPU Cooler Master – Phone Cooler app on your Xiaomi device. This app shows the real-time temperatures and displays the heat causing apps. By using its one tap cool down option, you can kill the overheating apps to reduce the heat.

2.Back Panel Removal

If you are facing overheating issues while charging the phone or using the device, just remove the back panel for some time. The panel stops the airflow and results in the overheat inside the body. Removing back panel can at least increases the airflow inside the hardware and reduces the heating problem.

3.By Removing Apps

We know Xiaomi devices comes with power-packed hardware. The devices are capable of handling high-end games with ease. But unfortunately, the overheating issue is stopping to avail the full performance of the device. If you want the device cool, stay away from high-end game playing on the device. Try to avoid them by uninstalling.

To know more about the prevention techniques of overheating in smartphones read our detailed article.

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