aLLreLi Dual Port 3.4A / 17W USB Car Charger and Magnetic Car CellPhone Mounts Holder Review

aLLreLi Dual Port 3.4A / 17W USB Car Charger and Magnetic Car CellPhone Mounts Holder is one of the product from aLLreLi. This is currently available at Amazon. It got all 5 stars from the user reviews.

This is a two in one item. First use of this item is, the Dual port Car charger which fits into the Cigarette Lighter Plug. Second use is the magnetic Phone mount holder which can hold the phone or other devices with its strong magnetic grip. We can use both of them separately.

During the long journey or picnic, we face the issue of phone battery charge going down. So having this Dual car charger solves that problem. We don’t need to run into the fuel station or restaurants in the highways to charge the phone or other rechargeable devices.

What are the main features of aLLreLi Dual Port?

The plug jack of aLLreLi dual charger is designed universal to fit the Cigarette Lighter plug in cars and trucks. There are two charger ports available which also works simultaneously and charge two different phones at the same time.

The charger is 3.4A / 17W in capacity and provides charging to two devices at same time. When the devices connected to the charger the output adjusted to the safest level and also to the fastest charging speed.

aLLreLi Dual Port 34A 17W USB Car Charger and Magnetic Car CellPhone Mounts Holder

A LED power indicator is given to check whether the devices are charging or not. It shows the total electricity current passing in terms of voltage in the LED screen. It also alarm when the voltage goes less than 11.8v on car or between 18-23.8v while on track. This might happen if there is any issue with the car battery, mostly it indicates the car battery is low.

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It has Smart Sensing Technology to figure out the level of charging and to detect overcharging. So that, when the battery reaches 100% of charge, the charger cease to power them. By this way, it protects the phones and other devices connected from overheating issues. The charger also protects itself, from overheating.

The charger can be used to charge the iPhone or Android or any smartphones, Tablet, GPS device, iPOD, MP3 Player, eReaders, Handheld videogames, GoPro, Digital Camera etc.

The charger is optimized for the following smartphones – iPhone 6S / 6 Plus / 5S / 5C / 4S, iPad Air / Mini, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S6 / S5, Note 5 / 4, Tab, HTC One M9, Google Nexus 5X / 6P / 7 / 10

Finally, the magnetic car mount holder. This is the best option to keep to the phone while charging. The magnetic holder can be kept in any place. It has 360 degrees rotation. Not only the phones, it can hold GPS device, DVR, speaker etc. The adhesive metallic disk, holds the phone or other device. It is made up of stainless iron. So, it is also scratch resistant.


  • Dual Charging
  • Fast Charging Adjustments
  • LED Indicator
  • Perfect Magnetic Holder
  • Good User Reviews


  • Only One Magnetic Holder


aLLreLi Dual Port 3.4A / 17W USB Car Charger and Magnetic mount holder has many uses combined with. First of all it can charge two devices at the same time and at maximum fastest speed. Then the smart sense technology and other uses are brilliant enough for a car charger. It also give alarm to check the Car Battery in case it goes low. Next to it, the free Magnetic mount holder coming along with this dual car charger is a clean bonus.

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This Dual Charger with Magnetic mount holder originally priced at $49.99. But, in Amazon it is selling at a discounted price of $14.99. You can check the Amazon product page of this item below.

aLLreLi Dual Port 3.4A / 17W USB Car Charger and Magnetic Holder

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