aLLreLi 3.3ft 3.5mm Premium Gold Plated Audio AUX Cable Review

aLLreLi 3.3ft 3.5mm Premium Gold Plated Audio AUX Cable is one of the quality product from aLLreLi. This is a male to male 3.5mm Audio connector. As every other aLLreLi product, this is also a quality make. This Audio connector is 3.3feet in length. It is a decent cable extension length.

The design is very classy and made of utter quality. The pins are gold plated and look shiny as well as it fits into the port compactly. It is also corrosion resistant. So, this pins long lasts and works well too.

The quality of cord also matters for the quality of audio output. There this aLLreLi Audio AUX cable which is of great quality producing the maximum possible high quality audio from the connected audio device. The polished and gold plated plugs increase the chance of proper signaling and hence the audio output will be better than regular plugs.

The case steps of connector jack plugs are important for appropriate connection. If any problem insists in the cases in the plugs, the speaker may won’t work properly. This is one of the main reason many headphones and earphones not working properly after few months of use. This aLLreLi AUX cable considered that fact and it made the plug fit perfectly in every step case in the 3.5mm audio jack. The connector is slim and at the same time, it fits into most of the smartphone cases including iPhone cases.


The wires of this AUX cable are durable and thick. That makes this cable not to tangle. It is very easy to wrap up without any tangle. Actually there is no way for this cable to be get tangled and we can pack this in a box in a minute or so. This Cable is tangle free. This same fact is mentioned by many users in Amazon reviews.

The main use of this male to male AUX cable is to connect the Speakers with any device that has 3.5mm Audio jack. For instance, we can connect the mobile phones to the car speaker, home theatre speaker, box speaker or headphones. The length of this cable is 3.3feet, which is enough for many users. But in some situation we may need more lengthy cable.

Inside the AUX cable, the wires are made of enameled copper core. This ensures the better sound effect and also guarantees the long life. Here are the list of devices where we can use. We can connect any speaker or MP3 Player that has 3.5mm audio jack with Mobile phones, Television, Laptop, PC, Mac, Digital cameras that can play audio, DVR players, Car speaker etc.

aLLreLi 3.3ft Gold Plated Audio AUX cable is currently available on Amazon. The price is only $4.95, which is very cheap for such quality. It got 4.7 stars out of 5 stars from 73 user reviews. We consider this is the proof for the reliability and quality of this product.  Most of the users gave 5 stars for this AUX cable. Many users mentioned about the no tangle, fits into their phone case, durability, inexpensiveness etc.


  • Polished Metal and Gold Plated Plugs
  • Corrosion Resistant Connectors
  • Fits into every step of the Case
  • Sturdy and Thick Cable
  • No Tangle


  • None


The aLLreLi 3.3ft 3.5mm Premium Gold Plated Audio AUX Cable is a simple audio connector cable. But it has good level of quality and details. The price is very cheap for the quality it provide. That makes this cable worth to buy. You can check the product here in Amazon store.

aLLreLi 3.3ft 3.5mm Premium Gold Plated Audio AUX Cable

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