Dual Whatsapp Review: Run Two Whatsapp Accounts in One Smartphone

If you ever wished running two whatsapp accounts on the same device one for your friends and one for the office or business use, this article is for you. Here we are going to share a simple app namely Dual Whatsapp, which allows the users have two different whatsapp accounts on the same device. No more need to carry two smartphones to satisfy your friends and boss. One is enough to do the job if you have this app installed on your smartphone.

We will be discussing the features of the Dual Whatsapp alongside the pros and cons. So that, you will get a better idea of running two whatsapp accounts on your smartphone.

Note: If the app is not working on your smartphone, you could try rooting itinspire2rise.com and installing the app after that. Because some smartphones may have restrictions in allowing specific operations of this app. But in our case, we were able to use it without root and accessed dual whatsapp accounts successfully.

Why should you use Dual Whatsapp accounts?

We all know that WhatsApp is essentially one of the most depended sources for communication between people. Either it is a friendly talk or a serious business deal, having a separate environment will always help in maintaining a better communication. But Unfortunately, whatsapp  not coming with such a feature to use two different whatsapp accounts on the same sim card or smartphone.

Here comes the role of a dual whatsapp app which is actually a mod to the existing whatsapp app that adds extra capabilities to it. So, if you wish to stay organized with your friends and siblings by making your bosses in a separate lot, dual whatsapp will be a good choice. It is also a good option to use dual whatsapp in case you have recently changed your sim card and has your whatsapp contacts in both the sim cards which is not easily movable.

Dual Whatsapp Interface

Run Dual Whatsapp on smartphones

There is no real interface on this app. It has just a simple navigation which directs the users to add one more account alongside the existing one. The dual whatsapp accounts could be easily created after installing this app on the smartphone. After installing the app, it will take you to a screen like above where all remaining screens are of the whatsapp application. Actually, it acts like a mod to the whatsapp which enables the dual whatsapp feature.

In the chat sessions too, no extra features or changes are there after installing the dual whatsapp app. Users could easily switch whatsapp accounts either through the app or by the notification bar. There will be a simple option to switch the whatsapp accounts instantly.

Dual Whatsapp Features

Dual Whatsapp is itself a feature with some more additions to enhance the user experience with some useful set of options. Having a look at them will be helpful.

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Use two whatsapp accounts in one smartphone

No need to explain this dual whatsapp feature as the app itself coming with the tag. Users will be able to access two different whatsapp accounts from the same smartphone. Actually, you will be able to carry two different identities on the same smartphone. No more need to have two different devices for treating your boss and having fun with your friends. It’s now simple as tapping a button to switch between the whatsapp accounts with this dual whatsapp app.

Very Easy to Use

The Dual Whatsapp is very easy to use. There are nothing more to do than installing it and following the regular whatsapp sign up/sign in procedure. All are like you already familiar. No configurations needed for different accounts because all will be normal as you are using two whatsapp accounts on two different devices.

No data Conflict

Dual Whatsapp on one smartphones

If you are confused about the storage of whatsapp data while using two different whatsapp accounts on the same smartphone, no need to worry. The dual whatsapp can handle the data of two different accounts differently by tunneling them to unique targets on your memory/internal storage. So that, no data conflicts will be there while using two different whatsapp accounts. As I mentioned before, it will feel like virtually using two whatsapp accounts on two different smartphones.

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Independent storage for each account

The whatsapp data including photos, videos, chat backups, audio clips, etc. are all will be stored in different locations in your memory/internal storage. Independent storage spaces fulfill the functionality of this app as a complete pit stop for the dual whatsapp needs of the users. Users will be able to redefine the storage spaces as they do on normal whatsapp accounts. This will make it easier to backup and manage the whatsapp data of any account.

Can switch accounts very easily

Apart from having difficult controls for switching between the whatsapp accounts, the app implements a simple control on the app itself alongside on the notifications bar. Users just have to slide between two different whatsapp accounts to switch between them. No conflicts, no hassles and all are easy as having a cupcake with the hot tea.


  • Easy to Use
  • Small in size
  • Independent data storage for different accounts
  • Can easily switch between different whatsapp accounts


  • Not completely free (Asks $4.99 as payment after the free usage)

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Dual Whatsapp does the job effectively as the name itself says. No hassles in installation and configuration as the app itself does the job automatically. Users just have to follow the steps for adding an extra whatsapp account as they normally do. All will be like normal after installing the application. If you really need a dual whatsapp solution, this app will be a good choice you can make.

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    Julio Jul 30, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    I’d like a clarification please! While I’m using one of the Whatsapp accounts, will the other one show me offline to my contacts? Will I hear the notifications sounds and calls directed to one account while I’m using the the other one?
    Thank you for your help!

    • Reply
      Muhammed Swalih Jul 31, 2016 at 7:59 am

      You will be able to see the notification for both accounts at the same time. Both accounts will show up as online.

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