KooPower Featured Sport Watch with Waterproof – Review, Features and Price

KooPower Sport Watch is a new release, available on Amazon store. This is a digital watch with many features. Watch is always trendy fashion product. Whether it is smartwatch, sports watch or a regular watch, it is always a fashion statement. It is also a scale to measure the luxury.

First thought comes into mind when we decided to buy a watch, which watch type we going to buy? There are many types of watches exist in the market. Smartwatch, Mechanical watch, Quartz watch, Sports watch, Electronic display watch etc., Not only this, Watches can also be classified based on the movement. There are also plenty of classic world brands exist. So choosing the right watch is not that easy.

The budget is one that we can chose to filter out the different type of watches. The features and design of watches are important. They are the defining factors for the price. So, now the watch we chose was KooPower Sports watch. We are going to analyze this watch based on all of these factors.

Design and Display of KooPower Sports Watch

KooPower Sports Watch 2

KooPower Sports watch has a rugged design. The strap is made of silicon material. Because of the rugged design, the watch is shock resistant. It is understandable as it is a sports watch, it need to be rugged to make the best out of it. The strap is comfortable to wear. It is a firm grip which is compact while wearing it and working, mainly for people in sports and related industry.

One of the main aspect is, Waterproof. This watch has a waterproof that assures protection up to the depth of 50 meters. That makes this watch cannot be damaged by water in case exposed to water while swimming, showering or by rain.

In the design, it looks stylish. As a sport watch, the design portrays fitness and confidence. It also resistant to small range shocks that we can expect during sports activities.  It has a digital display with glowing light.

Features of KooPower Sports Watch

KooPower Sports Watch packed with lot of features. They are as follows –

  • Automatic Calendar Settings – It tells the month, date and weekly days
  • Stopwatch – It has maximum 20 stopwatch profiles and maximum time limit is 24hours
  • Countdown Timer – Maximum time limit for count down timer is 99:99:99
  • Alarm – Alarm can be set on daily basis with snooze option
  • Reminder – There are four reminder spots available with date and hour settings
  • 12 / 24 Hour format – Different Hour format is not new, but a basic feature which is present
  • Hourly Chime – Tracking the spending hours of the day using this feature
  • Thermometer – To check the current temperature
  • Barometer – To find the Air pressure outside
  • Altimeter – To track the altitude. This will be useful for hikers and climbers
  • Backlight – It got backlight feature which will be useful in emergency situations

Price and Warranty

The price is $35.99. This is a reasonable and affordable price for this sports watch. KooPower Sports watch also got 14 months seller warranty.


  • Rugged Design and Durable Strap
  • Lot of handy Features
  • Shockproof and Waterproof
  • 14 months Warranty


  • Only available in Black color


KooPower Sports Watch has many features. It is shock resistant because of the rugged design. The rugged design also looks trendy. If you are looking for a fit sport watch at affordable rate, KooPower is one of the best option. We don’t find any major flaw in this watch. Considering the features, design and quality, this price is good. You can find this watch on Amazon in the below link.

KooPower Featured Sport Watch with Waterproof

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