TechElec 3D VR Box Virtual Reality Headset Glasses – Review, Features and Price

TechElec 3D VR Box, the virtual reality headset glasses is released and available now on stores. Now a days, the 3D Virtual Reality apps and games and 3D movies are growing in the entertainment media. People started to admire and enjoying this new technology.

There are only very few 3D virtual reality boxes available in market. Price and features are the aspects of selecting the right 3D VR box. In that way, TechElec 3D Virtual Reality Box is affordably priced and decently featured VR box. It was released only few days ago. So, we take this new 3D VR Box to review.

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TechElec 3D VR Box Design and Features

TechElec 3D VR Box has the same helmet style to wear the VR box around the head. In the front, there is the removable absorption front cover. The control buttons are – Pupil distance adjusting button, absorption type switch, the object distance adjusting button, focus adjusting knob and human body engineering cortical patch.

The helmet is well made with good quality to feel. The strap is adjustable and so will fit lot of head sizes. The cover is closed in the front. Hence, we don’t need to hold the device while watching the 3D videos or playing the VR games.

The physical control settings in this VR box is usual settings have been seen in other VR boxes too. If the buyer is new to VR box, it is advisable to read the user instruction manual twice or thrice to get familiar with control settings.

The 3D box is compatible with Android and iOS devices with screen sizes from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches. It covers most off smartphones in the market at present. Only thing is the Tablet size of more than 7.0 inches screen cannot be compatible. This is the same case for most of the VR box.

Usability of TechElec 3D VR Box

TechElec 3D Virtual Reality Box is first of all can be used to watch 3D videos in smartphone. The 3D split videos can also be played. It’s a great experience that everyone must have. There are many VR games and apps coming now a days. They can also be accessed using this VR box.

This VR Box can be used as 3D VR headset glasses with the smartphone.  The standalone 3D VR headset glasses costs high when compared to this all in one 3D VR box. But, it is not easy as the standalone 3D VR glasses to use. But, save your extra money.

The settings in the VR box made it able to be adjusted to get the maximum good experience for everyone. The focal length and object distance adjustments controls allows us to tune the right settings for the users.

TechElec 3D VR Box Price and User Reviews

TechElec 3D VR Box is selling at Amazon for the price of $27.99. As this is a new product in Amazon, only 5 user ratings and reviews given. All of the users gives rating of 5 stars and written their experience with this VR box.


  • Comfort strap fittings
  • Have all the necessary settings to bring good experience
  • Affordable price
  • Multiple use
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones


  • Take some time to understand the settings for new users


There are only few budget VR Box with glasses available in the market. TechElec 3D VR Box is non-compromised in the quality. This is the main factor that earns the buyers vote.  The price is also competitive and affordable. The close competitor to this VR box has no big difference in price. Overall, TechElec is good choice to try the 3D experience in Virtual Reality box. Check this VR Box in Amazon here.

TechElec 3D VR Box Virtual Reality Headset Glasses

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