How To Boost Sound Quality And Volume On Android?

Smartphones have taken over the world. Most of all, Android smartphones, are slowly pushing the iPhone craze aside. Well, we can’t be that harsh. But, as compared to the past, iPhones are getting tougher competition than they ever expected. Now, when you’re having an Android smartphone, there are a lot of things you can do on it.

Play high-end games, enjoy listening to music, tweaking the device and carrying out productive tasks as well. Have you ever observed that the quality of the sound isn’t that good on your Android device? Well, maybe you don’t have a good smartphone. But there are some powerful ways through which you can boost sound quality and volume on Android. Let’s check them out:

Google Play Music

A Good Music Player App

With the native music player, you won’t be able to do much. There won’t be impressive sound equalizer options for in-built players. However, on specific devices which include Xperia smartphones. It offers a clear audio option which lets you enhance the sound quality and volume on your Android device.

There are a lot of music player apps available for Android. Among all of ’em, we would recommend using Poweramp, VLC Media Player, and Stellio Player in order to enhance the audio quality.

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Get An Earphone

If nothing works, you can get an earphone (a good one). It would let you experience a richer sound even if your speaker isn’t capable of producing HQ audio.

It would be the most simple thing to do on earth in order to boost sound quality on Android.

Install an EQ App

Music players won’t do the trick alone. There are certain dedicated EQ apps for Android which would tune up your audio experience. The manual tuning options and controls would definitely prove helpful to boost the sound quality and the volume as well.

Consider Removing the Case

If you care about your device, chances are, you might have put cover or cases on your Android smartphone in order to protect your device from accidental damage. Well, it’s good. I’m not recommending that you shouldn’t do that. But if you’re desperate about getting a louder and a better sound coming out of your Android smartphone, you should consider removing the smartphone’s case. As a result, if the sound was obstructed earlier due to the case, it would sound louder and better.

Rooting The Device

If you don’t know what rooting refers to, then you shouldn’t try it. First of all, get to know about the rooting procedure for your specific device and then proceed with caution. Once you know that, you can try rooting the device to get superuser privileges on your smartphone. You can control almost everything after you’ve successfully rooted the smartphone. So, you can try specific apps which would work like a charm on rooted devices. You can also flash special ROMs meant to enhance the sound quality and volume on Android.

We know there are still several methods to boost sound quality and volume of your Android device. However, we’ve mentioned the most important things among them. Let us know about your ideas on how would you enhance the sound quality on your device.

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