How to Increase Your Reader’s Attention Span

The Internet is filled with blog posts and articles, but only a small percentage of content is read by people. Also, the attention span is falling with around 55% people skipping articles after 15 seconds only. It’s clear that something isn’t right. There is a need to rethink your content strategy unless you are only writing for bots (SEO).

First of all, you should never look at page views to justify your readership. These numbers only tell you how many people clicked the link, or if you use a smarter script, how many people scrolled all the way down. The most accurate way to find out if people are reading your blogs is by using an NPS survey. There are also several tools out there that can help you in this regard. Ask SEO Chicago for help.

For now, we are going to help you figure out how to increase your reader’s attention span.

Are You Reading the Comments?

Social media integration in blog sections has made it very easy for people to comment. While blog authors sometimes get defensive when criticized, these comments are telling you a lot about what to improve.

The trick is to read between the lines. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a baseless and critical comment about a small part of your blog. This means the reader read it in detail but what you wrote was written in such a complicated way that he or she skipped or jumped through it. If the comment is about the entire blog then bad luck, the reader didn’t read it at all. But this can assist you in your future blogs. You can fix what needs fixing, so people read the entire thing.

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Is it Worth Writing About?

Most of the time it’s not how you write it, it’s the topic itself. If it’s worth writing about, then you should pick a title that has the right Emotional Marketing Value. Here is a tool that can help you figure it out.

Blogs that people read through are about their day to day activities. Pick a topic that can help your readers solve a particular problem that they face in life or work. Here is a summary of a New York Times study that can help you pick topics that aren’t just read, but also go viral.

Are You Tricking Them into Reading Your Blog?

You can fool an Internet surfer to click a link, but you can’t make them read your blog by scamming them. If your blog was supposed to market a product and the Call to Action was at the end of the page, then you shouldn’t click-bait them into reading your piece.

The most important part of an online write-up that makes people read through is the first few lines. Start with statistics, tell the reader how long will it take to read this through and create anticipation for the next paragraph.

Is the Text Too Chunky or the Language Difficult to Understand?

Don’t ever write long paragraphs; make sure they are not more than three lines. It is also important that the language used in the blog isn’t too difficult and should appeal to all audiences. But don’t get us wrong; if you are writing something technical or academic, then you need to make sure the language is tailored to that effect.

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The bottom line: there isn’t a single formula that you can apply to all blogs or articles. Be subjective and follow the tips we mentioned here to see your reader’s’ attention span increasing.


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