Elephone P9000 Edge Boasts a Dual Microphone Noise Reduction

Elephone is ready to make a hit to the smartphone market with its flagship device Elephone 9000 Edge, which features with a 2K bezel – less 5.7-inch screen, dual camera and other cool features that can easily attract the customer base to this smartphone. But the best feature this device has is the dual microphone noise reduction. This feature is quite uncommon even with many of the top -priced smartphones.

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Dual microphone noise reduction simply means that this device has two internal smartphones. Out of one which is responsible for making a clear and stable call and the other one is used for noise cancellation. This feature comes in handy when you find yourself in noisy places and the second microphone can suppress the noisy voice and transfers your voice clearly to the other end user.Notice the noise reduction microphone under the flash at the back of the Elephone 9000 Edge.

Not only this but also the voice becomes ambient which means even if you are not able to hear the other person, but he can properly hear you. This is a great feature which can help Elephone 9000 Edge to give a tough competition to the currently ruling smartphone companies.Don’t you think it’s a cool and exciting feature? So just wait till the company announces the price and other specs of this device.

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