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Swiftmoji Android Keyboard App Review

Swiftmoji Android keyboard app has recently arrived on the Play Store. Just like other applications developed by SwiftKey, this one comes with a new concept as well. What is that? Some kind of improved predictions? Well, the SwiftKey app already provides a good prediction capability, so it’s sure that Swiftmoji won’t be one of them. However, as the name suggests, Swiftmoji serves to predict Emoji according to what you would be writing.

Maybe you’re already using a keyboard app but you wanted to try this one too. So, here we will review the keyboard app and get to know how well Swiftmoji predicts.

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Swiftmoji App Features

Swiftmoji – The User Interface

The user interface seems to be clean enough. Surprisingly, it looks cleaner than the original SwiftKey keyboard app. It’s a lighter alternative to SwiftKey and is easy to use. It furnishes an elegant night mode which you could prefer the whole day (the same in my case).

You get a pleasant experience while using the app. It works quite well. In a nutshell, it is crisp, looks good and is attractive as well.

Swiftmoji App Usage

Resource Consumption

It’s damn impressive when it comes down to the resource utilization. Normally, in my experience, SwiftKey keyboard app took a lot of resources to work. Well, it depends, if you do not have a bunch of apps running in the background but a few only, SwiftKey would perform great.

Just in case, if you have more apps running in the background (Twitter, Clash of Clans, Facebook, Slack, Messenger, Inbox, ProtonMail, Signal & Hike), there exists a possibility of your device starting to experience crashes or stutters.

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Talking about accuracy, we would mention that the app consumed 37 MB of RAM in the background. Of course, theoretically the app should not drain a lot of battery, and ergo, using Swiftmoji does not lead to abnormal battery drain.


As expected it predicts the correct set of Emoji almost for all of the favorable situations. Suppose, you have typed in a message – “Happy Birthday”. Immediately after you have written the mentioned text, you will be greeted with cake, balloons and other similar Emoji icons.

Similarly, you get perfect Emoji icons for various contexts which include – fear, expressions, items and mixed descriptions as well.


It gives you a report of the accuracy of your typing through heat maps. It basically records the position of your keyboard strokes and it would help you type better next time. It also provides several fixed theme colors to make the keyboard app look beautiful.

You can choose to disable or enable additional characters. Also, it offers a dark mode which can act as a night mode. For real, the night mode looks better but that would depend on what you like the most. Not much of fancy features present, but if you were looking for a simple yet unique keyboard app, this one is for you.

Do you use a keyboard app other than the stock? Which one do you think is the best alternative to SwiftKey keyboard? Did you try Swiftmoji? What are your initial impressions about it?

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