How To Take Your PS4 Gaming Enjoyment To The Next Level

Sony’s PS4 gaming console has proven to be the best-selling 8th gen console, and there appears to be no stopping this as sales continue to rise. The competitor, Microsoft’s XBOX One, has been unable to match this success to-date. There are perhaps a variety of reasons as to why the PlayStation 4 is such an attraction for buyers, and these include the power, aesthetics, reliability and of course, games. However, owners can stretch far greater pleasure from their PS4 by following some of the ideas discussed in this article. Let’s begin.

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Add a PS4 Headset to your arsenal of accessories

The PS4 comes with nothing more than a basic earbud style headset, yes, it’s better than nothing, but you’ll want to change to something better at the earliest opportunity. You’ll be pleased to read that there are a lot of headsets to pick from. Your PS4 headset will often be used, probably more than other accessories, so consider planting some decent money into one. Consider whether wireless or wired would be better for you, both come with pros and cons.

Add a PS4 Arcade Stick to your accessory collection if you enjoy fighting games

Fans of the fighting genre will find that a PS4 arcade stick will tremendously alter how these types of games play and feel. Of course, this type of accessory is rather useless if you don’t enjoy the fighting genre, so if you don’t, feel free to skip this part of the article. For those who do, you’ll find a variety of quality offerings from Hori and MadCatz. Aim to purchase one that is well built and comfortable. The next time you play Street Fighter V, or any game similar, you’ll be totally impressed by how the arcade stick changes the feel.

Get a Gaming Chair, get comfortable

If you aren’t comfortable, then your gaming experience will be lacklustre, leaving you feeling unimpressed. Gaming chairs offer everything a gamer could want, and they look awesome too. Some even come with audio capabilities and other such features. What’s more, there are many to choose from, so go gaming chair hunting today.

Upgrade Your TV and see deeper clarity

This is for those who don’t have an up-to-date TV. With PS4 going towards 4K soon, you’d be better investing in a 4K compatible TV – this way you’ll be prepared. However, you should also look for impressive response rates; this is important for gaming. Also consider buying a larger TV, as bigger is better when it comes to 4K.

Prepare for Virtual Reality, go the first person

Get ready for Sony’s PS VR by pre-ordering now. It’s going to be totally amazing and create a dramatic experience that you won’t find elsewhere. Sony is already boasting about an incredible line-up of releases and content for the VR headset. This one is a must, just ensure that you don’t get dizzy with all of the excitement.

I hope this article has provided some useful advice and tips for those looking to get more out of their PS4. Maybe you have some tips that we didn’t cover within this article? If so, be sure to leave them further down the page within the comments section.


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