Take Cutting Edge Technology to Work with Your Salon

Running a hair salon is a dream for many men and women, albeit a dream that involves lots of hard work once that scenario turns into a reality. While making sure clients come and go in a happy manner is the top priority, making sure you as the owner get properly compensated is no minor detail. In fact, getting paid on time is crucial in order to running your own business in the first place.

That said most individuals/partners who run hair salons are paid once the client has finished their appointment, so it is not like some other small business setups where the customer may end up paying at a later date after they have been billed.

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So, if you think that overseeing a hair salon simply involves cutting hair (along with a few other procedures) and collecting the money, do think again.

When running a hair salon, you also have important responsibilities such as ordering hair care supplies, paying rent and utilities on your shop, covering employee salaries and possibly health insurance costs too (if you are not running a one-person business) and more.

In order to cover some of those tasks, along with keeping your customers as satisfied as possible, having a software program backing you up certainly helps.

Get Technical and Get Ahead

So that your hair salon can get ahead and stay ahead for that matter, using technology certainly puts you in a better position.

Sure, some hair salon owners may fret over the idea of having to be up to speed on technology, but don’t get the impression this involves having several college degrees and bringing on a full-time I.T. person. In fact, the technology will pretty much run itself, just needing you to decide how you want to implement it.

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For example, look at how spa software and the like could make things easier for your hair salon operations:

  • Appointments – Do you dread the idea of forgetting one or more of your client’s appointments? In the real world, this, unfortunately, happens more times than not. As a result, it can make for some uncomfortable situations, not to mention some scheduling issues. By using the right software program for scheduling, you can make sure you know exactly when each client is slated for their appointment. You can also send them friendly reminders, be they via email or text. In doing this, the client also has no excuse if they don’t show up at their scheduled time;
  • Promotions – Another advantage to using a software program is that you can send clients (current and even potential ones) some information about your salon, even information that those currently coming to you may not be aware of. This can be things such as savings for haircuts and other salon needs, things you are doing on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), along with any rewards program you may be offering your long-time clients. Putting these messages in a simple email and text format (see more below) will save you lots of time handwriting such notes and/or running off countless copies, only to then have to stick in an envelope and mail off to each residence. The more connected you are to the public, the better off for your brand;
  • Mobility – With many more consumers turning to their mobile devices these days to stay in the loop, it only makes sense that you are right there with them. Without coming across as overbearing, you can text out a friendly appointment reminder the morning of their scheduled visit, etc. You can also send them a coupon or two via text, giving them, even more, encouragement not to cancel out on you.
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Those are but just a few of the advantages of using technology software in your day-to-day salon operations.

Sure, sending someone home with the hairstyle or another such look they truly want is always your top priority.

That said it is also important to make the business owner-client relationship as smooth and friendly as can be.

When you deploy technology to make things run more efficiently, it is a win-win for both parties.

Safe to say, salon owners will love that look.

It is a guest post by Abhinav.

Thetechhacker new intern, workaholic with a great interest in technology.

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