Top 5 Budget Oriented Smartwatches

When smartwatches were released for the first time, they were quite expensive, and that is why not everyone was having one. But as the time goes by just like smartphones there are now some great smartwatches that you can consider if you want to try out a smartwatch for the first time.

Top 5 Budget Oriented Smartwatches

So today in this article I will run down the list of Top 5 budget oriented smartwatches that is available in the market right now. I’ve tested each and every smartwatch, and all the smartwatches in the list are numbered according to my experience.

Here are the Top 5 Budget oriented smartwatches.

1. SMA – R Dual Bluetooth Smart Watch

This waterproof smartwatch is great, and it packs all the features that you would want in a smartwatch especially considering the price point. This budget Smartwatch has a heart rate monitor Which tells you your heart rate and all the other information related to it.

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You can also command this smartwatch with your voice, and it will react according to it. There is also a push notification integrated with Gmail, Facebook and Twitter which is not great but at least it is there on a smartwatch. This smartwatch has a 1.3-inch screen with 64 MB and 128 MB RAM. You can get this smartwatch at $48.99 if you use the coupon with code “GBSMAR’.

2. KingWear KW18 Smartwatch Phone

This Smartwatch can run with Android OS as well as iOS. Apart from that, it has a 1.3 Inch screen which works just fine for a smartwatch. Sleep Monitor works very well on this as it records your sleeping quality and all the other data related to it.

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You can also record your steps, distance and calorie consumption with the pedometer. This smartwatch comes with a micro SD expansion also. Although this smartwatch works on GSM network only. You can get this smartwatch at $49.99 with coupon code “kw18”.

3. MiFone L58 Smart Watch

This smartwatch has all the sensors you would expect from the pedometer, sleeping monitor and others. All these sensors work well here. This smartwatch is also IP67 Waterproof so it can handle a little bit of splash.

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It supports Android 4.0 – 6.0 and iOS 7.0- 9.3. MiFone L58 also looks great as per the design. It has a nice screen which is easy to operate. You can get this smartwatch at $15.99 with coupon code “GBL58”.

4. Teclast H30 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband

Another beautiful, affordable smartwatch with heart rate monitor and Bluetooth 4.0. This smartwatch is designed like a smart band, and it looks like one.

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You can do other things like watching your notifications of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. on a decent 0.86 OLED screen. This smartwatch also has a bidirectional Anti-lost function. Compatible with Android 4.3/iOS 7 and Above. Get this smartwatch at $17.87 on gear best.

5. CUBOT V1 Sleep Monitoring Smart Band IP65 Waterproof

CUBOT V1 is on number 5, so it doesn’t mean that it’s not that good. You can also consider this as your first smartwatch. This smartwatch is water as well as dustproof. Sleeping monitor, pedometer all are included.

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It has a 0.88 screen which OLED and the screen are good with excellent viewing experience direct sunlight. It supports Android 4.3 and above. On the iOS side, it supports iOS 8 and above. This smartwatch costs $9.99 on gear best.

So these were the Top 5 Budget oriented Smartwatches. You can select your smartwatch as per your taste and preference.

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