Go To The Exciting Inside Tour of Rio Olympics 2016 Through Maps

The Rio Olympics 2016 is already started and creating a lot of buzz on the Internet and Televisions. It is world’s leading sports competition with more than 200 countries participating. Now the opening ceremony is officially kicked off in the Rio. Unfortunately, not everyone can visit the Rio and watch the games and beautiful venues.

Fortunately, with the help of Google, anyone can watch the inside tour of the every official Rio Olympics 2016 venues. Now the Google offering access to the users to visit the inside tour of official Rio Olympics venues using Maps. Also, Google is helping to broadcast the Olympics video highlights in over 60 countries through YouTube.

Coming to the inside tour, the Google has launched digital details on the Google maps for the 25 indoor Olympic venues and the 12 outdoor venues. This includes the detailed mapping and street view images.

Google Olympic Virtual Tour

Google Official Words:

For folks on the ground in Rio, Maps can be your real-world assistant, helping you get where you’re going via whichever mode of transportation you prefer. For those who really want to feel like they’re in the game, we also launched indoor maps of all 25 official indoor venues and added more details to the maps of the 12 outdoor venues – like the custom-made golf course where you can now practically see all 18 holes. With the Explore feature on Google Maps for Android and iOS in Brazil, anyone can uncover the local gems wherever you go by simply tapping “Explore food & drinks near you” at the bottom of the app. From there you can swipe through the best breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner, and drinks spots around them.

This is a happy news for those who are not attending the Rio Olympics 2016 event, using this feature they can virtually enjoy the feel from anywhere in the world. It is a technology advantage and we can be part of the action.

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