Top 5 Best Secure Messengers For Android

The primary concern for today’s digital users is not connectivity but privacy and security. We all know that there are two valid sides of the argument when talking about security and privacy. On one side, we get to know how our personal data is being misused on the web and we want our personal data to be secure and private, and the second side justifies that the Government dearly needs our data continuously to spot national threats easily.

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Whatever be your point of view, it looks like developers are winning the war in protecting our privacy. So, let us check out some of the most secure messengers available for Android.

Signal Private Messenger


It is considered to be the best among all of the secure messengers available for Android. Do you know what? Edward Snowden, recommends using it as well.

The app offers complete encryption along with a good UI. It is fast, not a battery hogger, and secure. It may not be as feature rich as WhatsApp is but it way more secure than that. Signal also incorporated RedPhone encryption to the calls via Signal. It is damn too secure. And, wait! The best part of it – it is an open source project. That sums it up why it is considered to be one among the best.



Offering a similar level of encryption as Signal but containing some better features. Threema offers a better visual experience to the users.

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But, there is a deal breaker here, it is a paid app for nearly 2 USD. Well, it may not be much, but chances are you won’t be able to get much of your friends to use it (at least in my country – India). Some interesting group poll features included as well.

Price: $2.99

Seecrypt SC3


Seecrypt is the next generation of secure messaging apps for Android. You can definitely argue with not being a popular secure messenger. But, it does offer a similar encryption level and security.

If you want a simple yet easy-to-use user interface, this would be the one to choose first.

Price: Free


Telegram Secret Chats

Telegram is not a standalone secure messenger. But, a part of it offers security. Telegram offers secret chats which you can carry out when you wish, the messages would remain encrypted and won’t be stored in their servers either. So, there would be no traces of what conversation you had with your friend or a business client.

Price: Free

WhatsApp Messenger


Well, it isn’t completely secure. But it does offer end-to-end encryption which makes your conversation safer. The main thing which prevents us from declaring WhatsApp as the best secure messenger is that it is not an open source project. So, the expert developers on the web cannot audit for its level of security.

Price: Free

Want to protect your online privacy? Don’t want your conversations to be tracked? Well, then you should consider switching using these messenger apps for secure communication. I would recommend installing Signal and Threema. But, if you don’t get friends to switch then you could utilize other secure messengers and WhatsApp as well being safer than it was previously.

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