Top 5 Best Shooting Games For Android – 2016

Every gamer loves action-packed games for Android. A couple of years ago, fewer shooting games existed. However, now there are plenty of shooting games on the Play Store. If you sit down to search for shooting games, you will probably end up consuming the whole day. In order to help you out, we have compiled a list of best shooting games for Android.

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Critical Ops

This game provides an interactive gameplay. Most of all, it lets you experience multiplayer shooting as you may have already experienced with Counter-Strike and similar games. It offers a good graphics quality as well.

However, the interface could be better, but it works smooth enough. It doesn’t need a whole bunch of storage space to work, it just needs around 100 MB of free storage to work well.

Critical Ops
Price: Free+

Black Ops 2

Do you love “Battlefield” game series for PC? Well then, you should not miss playing this one. You would find yourself on the battlefield between the rebels and the Black Ops team. There is no room for the weak here, only strong commanders, elite soldiers and expert snipers can survive the scene. You need to defeat the rebels before they succeed killing most of the Black Ops soldiers.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

This is so far one of the best shooting game titles for Android. It is one hell of a shooting game. The graphics quality proves to be very rich in details.

Unfortunately, the game requires demanding specifications in order to work smooth. In our case, it worked superbly with the Snapdragon 615 powered Moto X Play. So, you can do the math about its performance on your device. The game presents a compelling story line which keeps you stick to the game. Powerful weapons available for combat, just be clever to choose the right one and keep upgrading them.

Crisis Action-eSports

Did you wish for a mini counter-strike for mobile devices? Tried some of them? Well, if you haven’t tried this one yet, you would miss the best shooting game for Android. Crisis Action e-sports lets you experience counter-strike on your mobile devices. And, even a better experience at some point of time!

The weapons available here offer a lot better visual experience.

Sniper Fury

It’s one of the ultimate shooting games one would want to have installed. The game offers amazing graphics and beautiful locations. You will probably fall in love after checking out the weapon upgradations offer. You can deploy troops in order to protect your basement while you capture other player’s loot. Endless enemies to kill and it is damn addictive!

The multiplayer experience is interactive as well. You should give it a try and start killing bad guys!

Summing Up

These are five of the best shooting games for Android that you should be playing. To be honest, there are a bunch of shooting games for Android. But, the above-mentioned games would always be at the top charts. More like, evergreen shooting games.

Have you already played them all? Want us to add another deserving game to our list? Let us know through the comments section below.

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