UMi London vs iPhone 6S Endurance Test – Results Are Surprising

#FiveHoursEndurance: UMi London vs iPhone 6s! Today we’ll have a rather interesting battle between two phones that are priced very differently. We will have a 5 hour endurance battle between the very popular iPhone 6s, and UMi London!
With this test, the idea is to find out the phone that can be best used to its potential battery. In this case, the test has been designed with everyday user activity in mind, more about which you can read below.

UMi London vs iPhone 6S Endurance Test Datails

Specifically, here are the five hours of the following components:

  1. To play music – 1 hour
  2. Browse social media (Twitter or Facebook) – 1 hour each, a total of 2 hours
  3. Play games – 30 minutes
  4. Read books – 30 minutes
  5. Web browsing – 30 minutes
  6. Watching local video – 30 minutes
  7. Talk on phone – 30 minutes
  8. Chat – 15 minutes
  9. Taking Photos – 15 minutes

= a total of exactly 5 hours.

Through five hours of standard tests we were able to come to a an understanding of a phone’s battery life. 5 hours standard test criteria are not hard and fast rules, but generally we believe that after five hours if a phone has over 40% battery life, it is excellent; if it has 20-40%, it is average, and if below 20%, it is a poorly optimized phone.

After a lot of preparatory work, UMi technical staff Tom began a rigorous testing and real-time video recording. A good video clip now presented in front of everyone, where you can exactly see the entire process on both phones side by side. Have a look at the video here:

Ultimately, they get our results after five hours of usage. The iPhone 6s has 32% remaining power, while the UMi London has 42%. Quite clearly, the iPhone 6s has been defeated in this round of duel!

This also seems to be expected, but the 1715mAh battery capacity of the iPhone 6s lost to the 2050mAh of UMi London.

But here’s what you need to know: The UMi London is priced at only $59.99, making it extremely affordable. It has a very rigid body, ergonomic design and an elegant appearance. You probably should buy it already! 😉

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