ESeekGo Diamond Case for iPhone 6S: Back Cover Case for iPhone

We definitely know that the majority of the users are equipped with an Android device. But, at the same time, iPhone users still exist and Apple is still able to compete with Android easily. However, struggling currently in some countries like India where iPhone sales are going down constantly for the Q2 of the year.

Now, as you are here. It is easy to guess, you either like to own an iPhone or you already own one. iPhone 6S is expensive, but putting a competing price compared to the Android flagships, people prefer to get an iPhone 6S instead. Only some of the specific variants come with an insanely high price tag, but forgetting that, Apple has successfully controlled the price of its flagships.

Talking here, you already have an iPhone or planning to get one, but you are in a need of an iPhone case which adds an extra premium and sparkly look (ka-chow!) to your device. So, here we will be reviewing ESeekGo Diamond Case for iPhone 6S. But, before reviewing the case (which won’t take long), do you know why is it used? Let us have a look at those answers first.

What is a CoverCase meant for?

It is always debatable for people whether they require a cover case or not. In my case, I don’t require a cover case for my smartphone (Moto X Play). But, you do get a lot of benefits from using one.

If you are planning to resell your device after a few months of usage, a cover case is a must. So, that the device would remain in a pretty good condition to sell off quickly. Also, as for your interest, you should get a cover case to make the device look even better to your taste!

Nevertheless, CoverCase would help to protect the device from damage and to make it look better at the same time as well.

ESeekGo Diamond Case for iphone 6S

ESeekGo Diamond Case for iPhone 6S Review

It has been specially crafted for the iPhone 6S. The Rock Crystal Bling Rhinestones present makes it look awesome. It also stands out of the crowd by offering a unique design to your iPhone 6S.

The CoverCase isn’t a problem after you’ve put it on your iPhone 6S. It’s soft enough and feels premium as well. The material used here – Thermoplastic polyurethane.

It just fits right and the camera hole cutout precisely adapts the camera view without affecting it.

ESeekGo Diamond Case for iphone 6S Quality

Is it strong enough?

Yes, it is. As mentioned, it justifies being a premium class case along with good looks. Also, the material used to create it makes it strong enough to offer the best protection against drop and shock. It’s flexible as well without tearing apart.


Should you get it? Yes, Why is it preferable? It’s because it adds a unique look to the device and protects the device as well at the same time.

Did you like the look of this case? Let us know your thoughts on various cover cases available for iPhone 6S.

Buy Case Here | $9.99

ESeekGo Diamond Case for iPhone 6S: Back Cover Case for iPhone
8.3 Overall
Good grip
Value For Money8.5

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