Meizu Smartwatch Spotted In Leather Strap and Steel Body

Meizu, a popular brand in China for smartphones is in the news for its first smartwatch leak. Rumors are already started on the Internet, and we got a latest leaked pic of the device. The leaked image on the Chinese social media platform Weibo shows the rear side of the smartwatch. It clearly shows the body of the watch is made of steel and coming in the leather belt. The logo also clearly visible along with two physical buttons on the side.

By this image leak, it is almost confirmed that the Chinese smartphone giants now stepping over to the smartwatch market to show off what they have in hand. The image exhibits a nice product in terms of design. If the inside components too capable of providing a good user experience, there is no doubt for the next competitor on the smartwatch market.

As per the company, they set to release it on August 10 as announced in  Meizu M3E smartphone launch. This leak now reveals more details regarding the smartwatch giving hope to the fans. The current leak is a little different from the previous one which where on the rumors in previous months. It was showed three buttons on the side and the Meizu logo was on its dial. The current leak has the Meizu logo on the back and only two buttons which are placed on the right side.

Anyway, Meizu lovers are eagerly waiting for the new smartwatch launch. As a Meizu product, users expecting a good quality one with standard performance and at an affordable price. No further information available regarding the smartwatch. We will update the article once we get information from the trusted sources. So, stay tuned to our website to know more about the Meizu smartwatch.

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