5 Technologies to Streamline Your Online Marketing

As you begin to implement a successful plan to promote your business online, your daily workload can become repetitive. Fortunately, there are many commonly used technologies that can streamline repetitive tasks and improve the efficiency of your marketing process. The five tools we’ve curated in this article do more than just automation; they can also be used to schedule manual tasks. To see how implementing simple systems can provide your company with a full-time online presence, check out these five easy to use systems.

Important Safety and Security Tips for WordPress BloggersWordPress

WordPress is a free content management system and web platform. The software is extremely simple to use. Its enormous user base means that there are countless plugins, themes, and modifications available. Many businesses are still using a simple HTML website that requires a lot of time and technical skill to update. Migrating your website to WordPress means that online communication can be made accessible to all employees regardless of their technical skill level. By integrating freely available plugins, both SEO strategies and social media can be automated every time a new post is made. Due to the popularity of the platform, there is a huge market for experienced freelance professionals to create any custom modifications to the WordPress platform your business may require.



IFTT is a simple system for content aggregation. The acronym stands for “if this, then that.” If you are running a blog, social media profile or any other web presence designed to keep consumers informed about industry trends, IFTT will automate this process. Not only will posts you make be automatically aggregated to your other web platforms, but content from relevant industry blogs can also be syndicated. By connecting to the RSS feed of sites you would like to follow, posts made that match your specific keywords or criteria will automatically be shared with your social audience. Keeping your clients regularly informed and entertained helps to establish your brand as a niche authority, and ensures that clients keep you in the forefront of their minds.



Managing multiple social media profiles? Hootsuite provides a unified dashboard that allows you to access every one of your accounts from a single location. Their powerful scheduling system will allow you to create days of regular posts in only a single short session. This allows your brand to maintain an active social media presence without requiring a full-time employee.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics allows you to see, at a glance, how users are finding and using your website. With the tag manager, analytics become much more powerful. By making only a few simple changes to the code of your website, you’ll be able to track specific actions of users. Keeping your eye on conversions, email signups or social media follows helps you to see exactly what marketing strategies work and which do not.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Keeping your finger on the pulse of industry news is essential to maintaining a dynamic business and ensuring that you are adequately understanding consumer needs. While you may have a list of websites you check regularly; Google alerts can automatically digest this content for you. By notifying you every time a site you know posts content with your specific keyword, you can cut through the noise and focus only on the important details. But Google alerts doesn’t have to be configured for specific websites. Configuring it to search for your keyword across the entire internet means that you will know about industry developments the moment they happen.

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