Elephone Is Working On a Most Secured Pendrive U-Disk

Elephone, a popular Chinese brand is busy in making secure Pendrive till the date. The drive will be coming with a fingerprint scanner to add robust protection to your data. The engineers of the Elephone are now pretty sure about the concept, and it is a solution to the Pendrive security. The company named the drive as Elephone U-Disk.

The concept of the Elephone is to provide most secure Pendrive to the users. As we know the security becomes more important to everyone, and we see new concepts are coming to the users every day. We already started using fingerprint-equipped smartphones and tablets nowadays. This U-Disk work as normal Pendrive, it is special when you want to save the sensitive data from others. The fingerprint scanner works same as we see in smartphones and tablets.

This new fingerprint encryption U – disk solved the problem of most people’s private storage space. Your private space in encryption U – disk is unable to be opened without correct fingerprint identification.

The drive divided into two parts for storage. One is public and second part is private. The user can use public storage for saving data which is not confidential like games, movies, and files. It can be accessed by anyone who plugs the drive into the computer. It is useful to share the data, which don’t require authentication of the owner all the time.

The second part of the storage belongs to the fingerprint section. A user can save the confidential files and other sensitive data into this part. It can be accessed only when the user authenticates with his/her fingerprint.

The U-Disk will be coming with full metal body and looks like as regular drive. The drive is compatible with Windows. MacOS, Linux, and Android via OTG. Unfortunately, there is no official word from the company and we are expecting more news in coming days.

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