How To Get Preview Of Android Apps Before Installation

In the Technology overwhelmed atmosphere its a cut throat competition to sell better quality products and maintained in the reputation is challenging. Whether be it an Android app for entertainment or be it for lavish extravaganza it’s all the touch of the finger which does the magic.

But then the question arises which implicates the dilemma over user’s choice. Why should we choose an app over the other? How would we know that this app is the best of the rest? And the brain pumps up with various blithering thoughts. The most usable and downloaded apps come under the section of games and of entertainment.

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How To Get Preview Of Android Apps Before Installation

Google Play Store sorts them in the order of their rating value and displays them in a listed format. The life cycle or the durability of the app is merely a couple of months or it exaggeratedly turns up to be a year. It’s rather challenging and even disappointing for the new developers as they couldn’t even properly propagate their app. What is the app about and how is it better than the rest if the slot.

Considering the above issues, I stir up with an idea of advertisement. From pillar to post. From eurocrats to hackers they prefer the one those are user-friendly and easy to use. So for this, the developers write and test their codes which make them more efficient and easy to use. But how shud one trust their app? The answer is simple. We can add a sample piece for of the app just for the review of the people, which in a technical language we categorized them as alpha or beta models.

Even to make it more effective, we can glimpse of the app and project them in short videos. The interface of the app would draw much more attention than the review itself. The video would lead them to download the Beta or the sample version of the app. Users wouldn’t much hesitate to download and play it rather would be able and certified to are them and even review them in their words. This would surely help Play Store to sort them in the new apps list. And the better the app hits the better it shines. So the updated user has the better scope to stay tuned and updated about the better apps and wouldn’t get a chance to regret so often.

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