5 Hours Battery Test: iPhone 6s vs. UMi MAX

It is a real conversation between two persons who are fans of Apple and UMi Max. It is a 5-hour battery test between two devices using by two different persons. Check out the results at the end; you may surprise. 

Vincent: “If that’s true, I can make at least one day with full power, I won’t hesitate to take off my hands from by power bank. A power bank always needs a hand to hold; it’s so annoying.”

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Lucy: “Oh, on the weekend I’m gonna lie on the couch at home using my phone all day to watch videos, chat, browse facebook and play games. Such an uncomfortable feeling to stay on a charger all the time.”

Wilson: “Can you imagine a day when you have to charge your phone multiple times? And of course, the battery loses its power at the most critical moments, when no chance to charge it. So, power is my God. If there’s a long battery life smartphone, I won’t hesitate to buy buy buy.”

Sheldon: “I bought an ordinary cell phone, a friend bought a Samsung. He proudly said that the only benefit of my phone is its long battery life. The cell phone battery life is beyond everything for me, so I just let him all day charge that Samsung!”

If there’s a phone with extraordinary battery life, what would you mostly want to do with it? Here we present a video show. If there was a long life mobile phone, what would they do with it?

By watching this video, we know that the protagonist is UMi MAX against an iPhone 6s. Two smartphones underwent a rigorous testing for 5 hours.

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Chatting – 15 minutes, camera usage – 15 mins, eBook reading – 30 mins, playing games – 30 mins, web browsing – 30 mins, off-line video playing – 30 mins, calling – 30 mins, hanging on Twitter – one hour and listening to music – one hour.

Finally, the remaining power of UMi MAX was 45%, the iPhone 6s got discharged to 35%.

UMi MAX just won this endurance test without any effort.

UMi MAX is equipped with a Sony 4000mAh, large lithium-polymer battery, plus the chip-level power-saving mode. This phone has a two-pronged approach to dramatically extend the battery life. UMi MAX, you meet the requirements of a long-life mobile phone. You can rest assured it deserves its price. It’s about to be ready to ship, so just do pay attention to it.

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