Android One Devices Android Update Details

Android One is one of the most successful variations of the basic Android platform which was recently found in many smartphone models like Micromax Canvas A1, Karbonn Sparkle V, etc. If you are one of them who seriously take care of the updates of their smartphone, you should be aware of the below-listed facts about Android one devices android update details.

How Android One Devices Get Android Update

Unlike Nexus devices, Android One smartphones get the android latest updates from Google’s hardware partners. They schedule the updates independently from Googles schedules and send them to your smartphone. Once your device gets notified of the update, it will prompt you to download and install them on your smartphone. This is how Android One devices get android update.

When do they get updates

The updates will reach you within 2-3 weeks from the date of the update release as we have seen on Google Play Edition Devices. Once an update is available to download and install, the device will notify you displaying a message “System update available.” To download and install the updates, you have to connect to a faster internet connection or Wifi.

How long do they get updates

The Android One devices will get software updates from the Google Partners at least for upto 18 months from the device purchase date. All updates include some major updates with numerous minor updates from Google passed through the manufacturers. So, the devices will stay updated with the latest inclusions on latest android versions until the end of support period set by Google. Afterward, the updates will be available if the Google Partner provides an extension than the pre-set period of 18-months.


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