Apple may Release Three new iPhone 8 models in 2017 with Curved OLED Display

Apple is planning something big for iPhones in the year 2017. That is also the tenth anniversary for iPhones. As per the previous week reports, there will be two iPhones planned by Apple to be released in the year 2017. But, a new report from Japan came, which stated there are three iPhone models are under development.

The first two will be as usual a 4.7 inch iPhone followed by its premium variant with the 5.5-inch model. Then the third variant is rumored to have either a 5.5-inch screen or 6.0-inch screen. Not only that, the third variant could also have curved OLED display similar to Samsung Galaxy Edge series. The first two models will not have this curved display and they continue to use the LTPS displays like in other iPhones. At the same time, this news is not yet officially confirmed.

Apple never used OLED before in iPhones. So possibly Apple may already have been developing their own curved OLED displays for this new iPhone model. This makes it clear that Apple wants to do something big in 2017 in order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of iPhones.

If this curved OELD display going to be part of iPhones, then we can also expect the same features as we seen in Samsung Galaxy Edge series. There is also talks going on about including of a glass panel.

David Hsieh, a senior director at IHS DisplaySearch stated that there is a possibility of Samsung would be the supplier of OLED panels to Apple. If that is going to happen, we are not sure how this deal will be profitable for Apple. To know more on this matters, we have to wait till the release of iPhone 7 soon in few weeks. Apple may announce their plans for 2017, only after the release of iPhone 7.

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