No Need to Worry about Getting Bluboo Maya Max Wet

The latest news from the Bluboo team states that the newly released Bluboo Maya Max support wet-hand operation which can resist water entering inside. It’s common to have a wet hand while using your smartphones. After a bath, or after had food, it is likely to have wet hands. If you don’t have a habit of wiping your hands properly, no problem on Bluboo Maya Max. It’s totally unnecessary to dry your hands before touching the screen.

Many smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, Sony, and many others have launched waterproof smartphones that are currently ruling the smartphone sales. Bluboo is hardly trying to catch them with the new technologies included in their smartphones. Recently they revealed a video which shows that the new Maya Max model supports dust-proofing and waterproofing of grade IP65.

As you could see in the video, the Maya Max supporting dust proofing and IP65 waterproofing. The device successfully overcome the severe tests. If anyone of you needs a description for the IP65, let’s dissect it a bit.

First number describes the level of dust protection and the “6” means the highest one, complete protection against contact (dust tight). The second number is the water resistance level and here the “5” is also the fourth highest possible grade meaning the equipment remains intact even being washed off with water.

If the company true this video, we could assume that it might be a good device with better protection from water and dust. The IP65 rating is very well known for the protection of smartphones from external disturbances. As we have mentioned in our previous article, the Bluboo Maya Max already started its pre-sale. If you are interested in buying the product for just $159.99 which is far less than the original retail price of the smartphone, you could buy it from the following link.

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