Pokémon Go Players Play Safe With Insurance

Banks are not known for being very in touch with the present. Often their marketing is very forward thinking. Retirement, investments, things that we often put off thinking about for far too long. But one bank has created a special insurance product designed in response to all of the accidents involving Pokémon Go.

You’ve probably seen the stories. In Quebec City, Canada, one Pokémon go player accidentally crashed his vehicle into a police cruiser while attempting to catch a Pokémon from car. In a more recent instance, thousands of players caused a stampede in Taipei when a rare Pokémon spawned in a nearby park. Another pair of men fell off a cliff while playing the game, unaware that the mountain face was unstable.

These stories seem to have no end to them. Many people are trying to shun the game, using the actions of a few to generalize millions of players who enjoy the game safely. But one institution isn’t looking to shame anyone. Instead, they’re adjusting their services to offer something that aids Pokémon Go players.

Pokémon Go Players Accidents

One of the largest financial institution in Eastern Europe, Sberbank, has installed “lures” at their branches. This means that players will now be able to find a rare Pokémon at their local bank. But that’s not all they’re doing for gamers; they’ll also be offering special accident insurance. Players need not worry about the hazards of the Pokémon Go, as now they’ll be protected.

The best feature of all? The insurance is totally free! All users have to do is visit sberbankgo.ru, and enter their name and mobile number to activate the insurance.

The actions of Sberbank raise a lot of questions about the Banking and Insurance industries. Why can’t more companies be this responsive to growing trends? Everyone is familiar with insuring their job, their home, and their car, but often these systems can feel frustrating. A lot of people feel as if the insurance industry is simply out to scam users and collect as much money as possible.

But Sberbank’s promotion has demonstrated that they care about their clients. They are well aware of the hazards they may face in daily life, and are taking quick action to offer services that will help these clients.

Another important side effect of this promotion is that it gets today’s youth focused on the future. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, especially when there is a limited window of opportunity to do something rare and exciting like catch a new Pokémon. But what would happen if something goes wrong? Taking the time to take a step back and think forward has serious implications. You might want to focus more on saving money for the future. You may want to set up a career plan. These are all essential components of modern life, but rarely is anyone able to reach out to the youth. With this Pokémon Go promotion, Sberbank may be onto a brilliant new way for businesses to communicate with the millennial generation.

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