AXGIO Empower Fast Wireless Phone Charger Qi Charging Pad Review

Wireless charging slowly coming to existence with many smartphones. Apart from having a charging session with those wired chargers which are fairly hard to connect, users love wireless chargers which need nothing more than a power socket. The smartphones just have to place on the surface, and the device will start charging it by the conduction of electricity.

What is AXGIO Empower?

AXGIO Empower is such a Wireless Phone Charger and Qi Charging Pad for Galaxy Note 7, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge and Qi-Enabled Devices. It has a nice list of features all are beneficial for charging your lovely smartphones. Currently, it has a limited set of compatible devices which may be extended later as per the companies decisions. At the first look at the device, a round shape with the AXGIO logo and a power indicator will be the view. But, there is something more to explore inside.

Axgio Wireless phone charger 1

From our tests, we found that it is a light-weight and elegantly built product with a bunch of features to provide ease in your smartphone charging. It took very less time to charge our S7 almost similar to the regular fast charger provided by Samsung. As per the company, the fast charging will only work on Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 7, Note 5 smartphones and requires an adaptive fast charger or a charger with QC 2.0 which is not included with the product. The device also provides standard wireless charging speeds for other Qi- enabled smartphones.

While talking more detailed about the AXGIO Empower Fast Wireless Phone Charger Qi Charging Pad design, the wireless charging pad has a diameter of 95mm and a thickness of just 10mm. The special anti-slip material used both on the surface and the bottom will not only protect your smartphone from sliding but also enhances the stability of the product on the surface. So, no more need to worry about accidental drops to the devices during charging.

Axgio Wireless phone charger 5

How to use AXIGO Empower?

To charge the smartphones, you just have to place your smartphone on the surface of the device. It will automatically stick there, and the charging will start instantly. You could use your smartphone even it is charging (in case of any emergencies. We really don’t recommend using your smartphone while it is being charged.) After having a good charging session, you could detach it by just pulling up the smartphone.

The LED indicator used in this product shines blue when charging and purple when fully charged. The soft light will not be a disturbance to you with the anti-glaring technology used. It will be just an indicator of the charging process without being a disturbance to you. Coming to the protection of the Qi wireless charging pad, it is capable of protecting your smartphone in the overheat, overvoltage, under voltage and short circuit, etc. In the case of any damages to the product, it comes wit60-dayay refund service and 18 months of warranty.

Axgio Wireless phone charger 4

Inside the box, you will get the sweet AXGIO Empower Fast Wireless Phone Charger Qi Charging Pad alongside the instruction manual and the chord. As we mentioned before in this article, an adaptive fast charger or a charger with QC 2.0 which is not included with the product and the users will have to own one their own. Even it is a small con of the product; it is still manageable as most of the modern day smartphones coming with an advanced charger.

Axgio Wireless phone charger 3


All in all, it is an excellent product fits you if you are looking for a quicker solution to charge your smartphones. From our testing procedures, it had no manufacturing defects and performed fairly well in charging different smartphones. So, it is a considerable wireless phone charger. The AXGIO Empower Fast Wireless Phone Charger Qi Charging Pad is available on the Amazon for $23.99 and Free shipping. If you would like to buy the product, you could do that from the following link.

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