Guide to Choose the Best Mid-range Octa-core 4G LTE Platform

4G smart devices have gradually become more popular in our daily life. Smartphones are the dominators in this field with the 4G included in almost every piece. Like that, MediaTek is also a dominator in the chipset section which has already released three most popular mid-range Octa-core platforms supporting 4G LTE ranging as MT6755, MT6750, and MT6753. So today, we decided to discuss a little bit about these which will probably be your guide to choose the best mid-range octa-core 4G LTE platform.

As the third generation integrated 4G WorldMode modem with LTE Cat-6 of MeadiTek, MT6755 supports 2×20 carrier aggregation with 300/50Mbps data speeds result in cutting edge connectivity and transfer rates. With a clocking speed of 2 GHz, the MT6755 adopts 64-bit Cortex-A53 CPU for fastest performance. With powerful dual-core 64-bit Mali-T860 graphics core clocked at 700MHz, MT6755 is able to deliver an uncompromised user experience on the smartphone. MT 6755 also supports full HD display at 60FPS with MediaTek‘s suite of MiraVision 2.0 display technologies, including the functions like UltraDimming, BluLight Defender, and Adaptive Picture Quality.

While talking about the camera performance, MT6755 supports 21.0 MP single camera or 16.0 MP + 8.0 MP dual camera with TrueBright ISP engine for greater sensor light capture, which greatly enhances color resolution with less than 200ms shot-to-shot delay. Hi-fidelity and hi-clarity audio with 110dB SNR and -95dB THD enable the MT6755 platform to provide an ultimate audio performance to the users.

Compared to MT 6755, the MT6753 designed for the Super-mid market is equipped with a lower configuration, aiming at giving consumers a wider choice of smart devices at more affordable prices. So that, the mid-range users could find a variety of choices in the smartphone marker. Based on the ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit processor with ARM Mali-T720 graphics, MT6753 supports 1080p Full HD displays. With a 16.0 MP image signal processor, MT6753 also supports high-quality smartphone camera apps.

The recently released MT6750 perfectly combines the merits of MT6755 and MT6753 together. In terms of modem, the MT6176 radio-frequency module complementing MT6750 covers the worldwide 4G spectrum and enables Carrier Aggregation at a greater level. Looking from the processing side, MT6750 outperforms previous solutions in terms of power-efficiency and performance with its octa-core CPU based on Cortex A53 clocked at up to 1.5GHz and also adds the advanced Mali T860 dual GPU clocked at up to 650MHz in MT6750T variant. Also, MT6750 supports as much as 4GB of LPDDR3 memory clocked at up to 833MHz in MT6750T variant. Besides, MT6750 offers the features like advanced image-signal processing technologies, MediaTek’s superior MiraVision display improvements, and full Cat-6 LTE support in more devices. MT6750 is also compatible with MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0 which speeds up device-charging to a great extent.

Wrapping up all, MT6750 makes a mid-range balance between the extraordinary performance of MT6755 and the tempting price or performance ratio of MT6753. OPPO R9 adopts MT6755 platform has been praised for its outstanding performance while its comparatively high price makes customers think twice. But, the Bluebook Maya Max with the power of MT6750 is available for presale. For further details, visit:


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