Best Smartphone Browser List for Android

When it comes to smartphone browsing, most people complain about the user interface and accessibility options. The overall browsing experience was less productive and sometimes inconvenient too in the past. But, today, with a lot of innovations happening, the developers are continuously in the run to make fast and user-friendly browsers for Android. In case if you are missing a good browser experience on your Android, it is time to pick one of the best smartphone browsers from the list below.

Firefox: User-Friendly and Security-Oriented

A very popular name in the browser’s list and it probably does not need an introduction. It packs a lot of options including sync, customization options and much more.

When we talk about the customization ability, Firefox browser pops first in our minds. It has a dedicated add-on store to add different types of personalization options ranging from security to password managers (and some interesting stuff as well!).

Firefox for Android: Pro’s and Con’s


  • Addons
  • Tabs
  • Sync Ability
  • Privacy and security
  • Screen Casting Option


  • Frequent Updates

Opera: Data Saver for Android

Mobile data tariff plans are expensive in some countries. If you happen to use mobile data for the browsing purpose, then you may expect a very high data consumption, when using a particular kind of a browser. However, Opera browser for Android is a very good app which saves a lot of data. Opera browser is recognized as one of the Top Developers in Google Play Store with more than 2,000,531 installs. It is one of the oldest browsers, and it delivers a good user experience to Desktop users since 20 years. The Opera browser has its unique features to stand out from the rest; it has data saving feature. It can save data by blocking unnecessary ads and compressing the videos. It can save your money by consuming less of your mobile data.

Opera Android Browser: Pro’s and Con’s


  • Data Saver
  • Ad Blocking


  • Lack of further development

UC Browser: For Night Owls

It is one of the popular browser available for Android. It comes with features like Fast mode, AdBlock option, Facebook mode, Night mode and much more. The main highlight of UC Browser is its simplicity, the UI of the browser is a child’s play. Night mode is a painless option to browse the web comfortably at night. It has an exclusive Video for all tastes feature which is accessible with the latest version which offers videos in various genres.

UC Browser for Android: Pro’s and Con’s


  • Night Mode
  • Fast Mode
  • Video for all tastes


  • Too many notifications

Dolphin: For convenient browsing

With a 4.5 star rating and more than 2,386,825 rated users, Dolphin browser in yet another popular browser available for Android. It has some serious options to get a best mobile phone browser award. Coming down to the features, it is packed with inbuilt Flash Player support, Multiple tabs, fast download option, and gesture support as well. Gestures allow you to browse the web effortlessly, and it keeps things personal. Dolphin has a lot of add-on packages that could make your browsing experience blazing fast and richer.

Dolphin Browser for Android Pro’s and Con’s


  • Flash Player Support
  • Gestures


  • Slow sometimes

Puffin Browser for Android

Puffin Web Browser: For Gamers

Puffin browser is designed to commit achieving a faster performance in Android devices. It’s stylish and its fancy user interface is much suitable for the quick navigation and for a faster browsing experience. Puffin has Flash Player support with necessary security patches. One of the most impressive features is the gamepad and the trackpad support for the games. Like other browsers, it is designed to save your mobile data by using its compression algorithm which claims to be able to save up to 90% of bandwidth.

Puffin for Android: Pro’s and Con’s


  • Fast
  • Virtual trackpad and gamepad support for games


  • Ad-enabled

Maxthon Web Browser: For Smart Readers

A very popular browser with more than 6 million installs in the Play Store. This browser focused more on a simplified browsing experience to the users. It has features like gestures support, font adjustment, night mode, RSS feed support and no image browsing mode. The browser is Adblock Plus supported in order to block annoying ads on your device. The best part of the browser is RSS support, if you are an avid reader, Maxthon is your best companion.

Maxthon for Android: Pro’s and Con’s


  • RSS Support
  • Gestures
  • Night mode



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