Apple Watch 2 Maybe Renamed as iWatch and Coming Soon

Apple planned to announce Apple Watch 2 on September 7, 2016, along with the most expected iPhone 7. Apple already sent invites to the media to participate in their September 7 event.

Some of the reports suggest that Apple registered the name iWatch around the world. Apple never advertised their Watch as iWatch before. But, the sources confirming that Apple is seriously working on the trademarks and branding with the name “iWatch.”

They missed the world’s ever lucky prefix “I” in their first Apple Watch. It was due to someone else filed the name “iWatch” for their gadget. Now, we understood that now Apple is bringing the name “iWatch” in their second Watch.

Another report stated, there will be two different variants planned to be released on the upcoming event. It is worth to be noted; there are a lot of news coming about the WatchOS 3 than the Apple Watch 2 aka. iWatch. The reason that Apple is so silent about its release is unknown. Maybe there will be a surprise element in the new Watch.

The complete specifications of this new Apple watch is unclear at this moment. We hope the complete details will be unveiled at the upcoming event in the next week. Here is the expected specs in Apple Watch 2 – Front facing camera, improved Battery capacity, GPS, ARM Cortex A32 Processor, WatchOS 3 and Cellular connectivity. The price level of this Apple Watch 2 will be higher than the Apple Watch.

At present, the Smartwatch market is not so good. Smartwatch Sales dropped all over the world. Apple Watch 2 may change the market and may fire up the gadget community towards smartwatch once again. The release date may be within this month, after few weeks or so from the announcement.

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