T1 Plus Kratos Features Sony 4300mAh Li-Polymer Battery and Free VR Box

The upcoming VKWorld T1 Plus Kratos is a 6-inch tablet with many advanced display technologies. As a device with a huge display, the Kratos should have a better battery to run all the day. So, the latest news from the tech world states that the VKWorld put a Sony 4300mAh Li-polymer battery into the 7.9mm slim body of T1 Plus Kratos without making it too heavy. As per the details from trusted sources, the Kratos will come with a lightweight design without adding bulk to the device.

There are two types of mobile batteries found in modern day devices: Li-ion battery and Li-polymer battery. The battery on this device is a Li-polymer battery. Li-ion batteries are good in terms of technological usage. With the advancement of technology in the battery production, some companies reproduce new batteries from damages or leaked Li-ion batteries. This causes serious problems like battery explosion and leakage. On the other hand, even if it is not the newest technology, Li-polymer batteries still got more advantages over Li-ion battery in terms of safety.

Li-ion battery Li-polymer battery
Chances of liquid leakage Likely never
Chances of explosion Likely to explode when overcharged Safe from explosion
Aging Loses its actual charging capacity over time Does not lose its charging capacity as much as Li-ion
Price Cheaper Expensive
Charging duration Longer charge Shorter charge
Weight Little heavier Light weight
Size Thicker Slimmer
Ability to bend No Almost 90 degree
Capacity and voltage Lower Higher

Some of the Features of T1 Plus Kratos Battery

  • Supports MediaTek Pump Express fast charging.
  • It lasts for 34.12 hours in the talk time test.
  • In the web-browsing test, in 200 nit brightness and Wi-Fi condition, it lasted for 13.95 hours.
  • In 4G LTE network and 200 nit brightness, it lasted for 15.27 hours.
  • For video playback, T1 Plus Kratos lasts for 14.76 hours.
  • Last but not least, in 8 hours of standby, it loses 1% power.
    T1 Plus Kratos Battery Life

It is running on the Android 6.0 out of the box. The new “Doze” mode boosts the battery of the device by reducing the consumption. The mode also helps to hold the battery charge while in standby mode. Surprisingly, the packing box of T1 Plus Kratos is actually a VR box! Users can assemble the box by following the instructions included inside the box and enjoy lots of VR resources like on Google Cardboard.

T1 Plus Kratos VR free

The rear camera on Kratos is a 13.0 MP shooter from Sony. Opposing the back camera, there is an 8.0 MP front camera comes from OV.

T1 Plus Kratos Camera

Talking about the design, T1 Plus Kratos features metallic unibody design and it is the same 7000 Series aluminum alloy as in iPhone 6s. The device is going to be in the market in early September with a rumored price tag of $149.99. So, let’s wait for the device.


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    Billy Bai Sep 2, 2016 at 11:04 am

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    Really Excited for the device. Thanks for the article.

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