Bluboo Maya Max strict violent test and New Promotional Sale coming soon

Bluboo Maya Max has done many promotional videos and conducted the pre-sale recently. This smartphone has got interesting specifications among other Chinese smartphones. Bluboo climbed up to the 6.0 inches screen and loaded with MediaTek 6750 Octa-core processor chipset that clocked at 1.5GHz. The other specs such as 3GB RAM, 13MP rear camera, fingerprint scanner are also at good level.

We can analyze the specifications and come to a conclusion about its performance. But how can we know the quality of the body of smartphone. Bluboo tested the strength of the body of Bluboo Maya Max.  They shared their test in this video.

Bluboo Maya Max undergone a severe tests in this video. First, the device faced hammer shots over the display area. Then a car run over the device. Finally it fall from a 2.5m height. Even after all of these dangerous test for the smartphone, Bluboo Maya Max survived all. The display never gets any damage. These tests proved that the Bluboo Maya Max is protective.

There is a secret behind this successful survival. That is the explosion proof film and a protective back case. These two items were given away by Bluboo in the presale period. If you missed the giveaway earlier, don’t need to worry. There is another Bluboo Maya Max promotional sale coming soon.

That event may cut down the price of Bluboo Maya Max and bring back the explosion proof and protective back cover giveaway. We will inform you about the Bluboo Maya Max promotional sale event as soon as possible. If you want to know about the Bluboo Maya Max completely, you can find it in this product link

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