Bluboo Maya Max Teardown Video is Out

We have already covered almost everything there is to know about the Bluboo Maya Max smartphone. So, you might know, the price, toughness, and many more things about the device. Now, to explore more about it, the company released the teardown video of the Maya Max where the device completely disassembled and re-assembled to ensure the quality of the parts. All inner parts are exposed to the users to show off the ease of disassembly. From the video, the company trying to state that the Bluboo Maya Max is quite easy to be repaired in case of any problems. Check out the video below.

In the video, the reviewer disassembles the device with just two tools within a very few time when compared to other smartphones. It takes losing only two screws to get the back cover out the device which reveals almost of the inner components. And within few other screws, the device gets completely disassembled. Even the fingerprint sensor could be detached from the device.

Anyhow, the video shows off the ease of repairing and fixing Maya Max issues which will be beneficial in case of any hardware problems. Users could easily get it fixed even from the nearest stores for a very low service cost. As it is coming with a hard-core build, no such worries needed in using it seamlessly. Even before the release, the company put out numerous testing and comparison videos of the Maya Max for the better promotion of the smartphone.

Bluboo Maya Max is on flash sale from September 5th to September 11th, with mere $79.99, one could get a Bluboo Maya Max. Since the daily amount for the $79.99 deal is limited, one could also have a chance to get the device for $139.99. For more details visit this link.


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